Virtual Instruments and Samplers

Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog Session

Virtual-Analogue Software Synthesiser Standalone or plug-in operation, Uncomplicated operation, 144 Presets, Richard and Sean Devine Signature Sounds, MIDI Clock, Tap and Host tempo synchronisation...
39 £ 40 £ - item no. 402186

Umlaut Audio Arps

Virtual Percussive Synthesizer (Download) Sample-based percussion instrument, 4 Independent sampler layers: Kicks, Mids, Ticks and Percussion, Fully featured arpeggiator with various modes, steps,...
39 £ 40 £ - item no. 404329

AIR Music Technology DB-33

Virtual Tonewheel Organ (Download) Careful simulation of the most famous electric organ ever, Five tone wheel variants to choose from, Separately usable, realistic Rotary Speaker Simulation,...
11.90 £ 12.20 £ - item no. 416503

AIR Music Technology Xpand!2

Virtual Multitmbral Synthesiser (Download) Four parts with assignable MIDI channels, play parameters, controllers, arpeggiators, etc., Flexible tone generation with up to four stereo instruments and...
11.90 £ 12.20 £ - item no. 416510

Ample Sound Ample Metal Hellrazer

Ample Sound Ample Metal Hellrazer (ESD); guitar plugin; virtual electrical guitar based on samples of a nine string Schecter Hellraiser; integrated tab player that can play all popular formats of...
71 £ 95 £ - item no. 486631

ujam Beatmaker 2 VOID

ujam Beatmaker 2 VOID (ESD); virtual instrument; especially suitable for Drum & Bass; 20 styles and 460 patterns with intro, verse, chorus, fill and ending; effect and mixing section; 10 drum kits...
39 £ 55 £ - item no. 486460

Initial Audio Sektor

Virtual Synthesizer (Download) Flexible wavetable synthesizer with 24x polyphony, Integrated, easy-to-use wavetable editor for creating your own waveforms and wavetables, 2 Unisono stereo...
35 £ 36 £ - item no. 434676

Rob Papen Go2

Virtual Synthesiser (Download) Clear and easy-to-use synthesiser, Morph oscillator with 2 cross-fade waveforms, 5 Morph modes: Mix, Morph, Ring, FM, Inter, Range, Suboscillator and spread parameters...
36 £ 37 £ - item no. 438867

D16 Group Phoscyon

Advanced TB-303 emulation (Download) Waveforms Saw and Square, Lowpass filter with 18 dB / oct., Without self-oscillation, Extended envelope parameters, Internal step sequencer with chaser...
47 £ 48 £ - item no. 388552

Sugar Bytes Cyclop

Virtual Instrument and Bass Synthesiser (Download) 6 Synthesis forms: Saw Regiment, Analogue Sync, FM, Transformer, Spectromat, Phase Stressor, Modulators like Wobble Generator and Sound Knob,...
77 £ 79 £ - item no. 370638

Sugar Bytes Aparillo

Synthesizer Plugin (Download) FM synthesizer with 16 voices, Different FM complexity and ratio modes, Formant-shifting, wave-folding and -shifting, Multi-mode filter with spacializer, 2 Networked...
77 £ 79 £ - item no. 428137

Sugar Bytes Obscurium

Virtual Synthesiser (Download) 8-Voice Saw, Pulse, Supersaw and FM synthesis, More than 400 presets with pads, drums, atmospheres, motion sequencers for organic melodies and sounds as well as plugin...
77 £ 79 £ - item no. 370646

AIR Music Technology Loom II

Virtual Synthesizer (Download) 8-Voice additive synthesizer, Spectral noise section allows a second oscillator to replace or enrich the additive spectrum with a noise spectrum, Modular concept with...
31 £ 32 £ - item no. 424019

Sugar Bytes Egoist

Virtual Groove box with Slicer (Download) Bass, beat and effect sequencer for fast sketching of tracks, Intuitive arranging and manipulating, Slicer arranges 16 samples of 16 slices each with a step...
77 £ 79 £ - item no. 386936

AIR Music Technology Loom Classic

Virtual Additive Synthesizer (Download) Modular concept with 30 editable modules, can be combined in 10 cells, Morph-Pad enables graphically editable morphing, Smart-Sound-Randomizer creates unique...
11.90 £ 12.20 £ - item no. 397158



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