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    With an array of sensational features and advanced tools designed to deliver the best and most harmonious results, Cubase 6 is your go-to audio workstation for recording, editing, mixing and producing music of all types. With its emphasis not only on technology and precision but also on user friendliness, usability and ergonomics, Cubase 6 empowers creative imagination to bring out the best in you. That’s why Cubase is the choice of countless musicians and producers around the world. That’s why Cubase 6 is the most advanced music production system today.


    The Galaxy II Grand Piano Collection contains three grand pianos: the Vienna Grand (a powerful Bösendorfer Imperial), the 1929 German Baby Grand (a Vintage Blüthner baby grand), and the 5 star awarded Galaxy Steinway in stereo and 5.1 surround.


    The instrument samples come from Alicia Keys’ very own Yamaha­™ C3 Neo grand piano. This unique and highly-sought after instrument was built to celebrate Yamaha’s 100th anniversary in 2002 and represents the very top of the Conservatory Collection line.


    KOMPLETE 7 is the latest version of the ultimate software collection from Native Instruments. Now bigger and better and featuring 24 KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects, this 90 GB package is bursting with more than 10,000 production-ready sounds for all styles and genres.


    KONTAKT 4 is the industry standard sampler from Native Instruments. Its immense 43 GB sound library contains over 1,000 instruments, while the unique Authentic Expression Technology® and host of other fresh features makes this the most playable and powerful KONTAKT yet.


    This VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT combines intuitive handling with excellent sound quality, and functions as a plug-in instrument, without the need for a sampler.


    Pianoteq is a high-class virtual piano software offering superb dynamics, natural resonances and unique physical parameters. The powerful innovative features of Pianoteq, based on physical modelling and real time sound generation, make it the natural choice for demanding musicians including composers, producers and keyboardists.

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  • Toontrack EZkeys Bundle

    33% cheaper since the 05.11.2018: Toontrack Ezkeys Bundle Includes three EZkeys pianos of choice (online registration), Formats: Stand-Alone, VST / AU / RTAS, for PC / Mac Note: No data carrier included; download from...
    133 € previously 199 € - item no. 359254
  • Toontrack EZkeys Bundle

    33% cheaper since the 05.11.2018: Virtual Instrument Includes three EZkeys instruments of choice (selection by online registration), Integrated timeline arranger, Smart Transpose function Specifications: Supported formats:...
    133 € previously 199 € - item no. 424563
  • Softube Buchla 259e TWG

    28% additional discount since the 05.11.2018: Oscillator Module (Download) For Softube Modular, Dual oscillator with complex main and modulation VCO, 8-Octave Principal Osc as a dual-wavetable oscillator with fadeable wavetables, 5 Banks with...
    68 € previously 95 € - item no. 422992
  • Softube 4ms Spectral Multiband Reson.

    price slashed by 13% on the 03.11.2018: Spectral Multiband Resonator (Download) Filter module for Softube Modular (Article Nr 395575 , not included!), Versatile resonance filter with 6 bandpass filters/resonators, Variable frequency...
    39 € previously 45 € - item no. 415950
  • VSL SE Bundle Complete

    Price slashed the 05.11.2018: Orchestra Library Contains all 6 Special Editions Collections, All instruments, All ways of playing, Special Edition Vol. 1 - Essential Orchestra, Special Edition Vol. 1 PLUS (additional...
    1,399 € previously 1,429 € - item no. 316403
  • Softube Intellijel Rubicon

    22% additional discount since the 05.11.2018: Virtual Synthesiser (Download) Intellijel module for Softube Modular (article nr 395575 ), Emulated VCO module created by David Dixon in cooperation with Intellijel, Switchable Linear or Exponential...
    29 € previously 37 € - item no. 395579
  • Softube Intellijel Korgasmatron II

    22% cheaper since the 05.11.2018: Filter Plug-in (Download) Intellijel module for Softube Modular (article nr 395575 ), Double filter bank module based on the MS-20 filter, Six filter types per bank, True-to-life circuit emulation...
    29 € previously 37 € - item no. 395576
  • Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 EZX Bundle

    33% cheaper since the 05.11.2018: Virtual Drum Production Studio Contains Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 as well as two freely selectable EZX extensions, Intricately produced drum software and plugin, With 5 high-quality, complete drum...
    133 € previously 199 € - item no. 359252
  • Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 EZX Bundle

    33% additional discount since the 05.11.2018: Virtual Drum Production Studio (Download) Includes Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 and two freely selectable EZX extensions, Elaborately produced drum software and plug-in with five high-quality, complete...
    133 € previously 199 € - item no. 399412
  • Toontrack EZkeys Essential Pianos Bundle

    price slashed by 33% on the 05.11.2018: Virtual Instrument (Download) Includes EZkey's Grand Piano, EZkey's Upright Piano and EZkey's Classic Electrics, MIDI Library with well-rehearsed piano patterns and chord progressions,...
    133 € previously 199 € - item no. 424595
  • Waves Bass Slapper

    21% cheaper since the 31.10.2018: Waves Bass Slapper (ESD); virtual slap bass; extensive slap bass sample library; authentic amp & DI simulation; Real-time midi controls; articulations: hammer-ons, pull-offs, dead notes and four...
    38 € previously 48 € - item no. 426553
  • Steinberg HALion Sonic 3

    41% additional discount since the 27.10.2018: Music Production Workstation Powerful multi-timbral audio engine with disk-streaming sample playback and high-end virtual analog, granular and wavetable synthesis, The Raven Grand Piano, The Eagle...
    129 € previously 219 € - item no. 406314
  • Reveal Sound Spire

    31% cheaper since the 27.10.2018: Virtual Synthesiser (Download) Flexible software synthesiser with clear operation, 4 Polymorphic oscillators with the modes Classic, Noise, FM, AMSync and SawPWM, 9 Unison voices per oscillator with...
    111 € previously 160 € - item no. 404128
  • KV331 Audio SynthMaster One

    52% cheaper since the 27.10.2018: Virtual Synthesizer (Download) Wavetable Synthesizer with intuitive operation, Semimodular architecture with 2 oscillators, 2 sub-oscillators, 2 filters, 4 ADSR envelopes, 2 LFO, 16-step...
    32 € previously 66 € - item no. 433761
  • KV331 Audio SynthMaster

    50% cheaper since the 27.10.2018: Virtual Synthesizer (Download) Semimodular software synthesizer with far-reaching possibilities, Two layers per instance with two global effect buses, Per layer two oscillators (Basic, Additive,...
    38 € previously 76 € - item no. 391911
  • Sugar Bytes Guitarist

    32% additional discount since the 27.10.2018: Virtual Guitarist (Download) Pattern and chord sequencers with detailed playing possibilities, Animation sequencer for particularly lively games, Song mode, Action section for real-time manipulation...
    77 € previously 113 € - item no. 386962
  • Image-Line Harmor

    58% cheaper since the 27.10.2018: Virtual Synthesiser (Download) Additive synthesiser with image and resynthesis, 2 Independent synthesiser parts, Up to 500 partial tones per voice, Detailed sound processing in the timbre section...
    59 € previously 139 € - item no. 438056
  • Image-Line Morphine

    56% additional discount since the 27.10.2018: Image-Line Morphine (ESD); virtual synthesizer; additive synthesizer with 4 generators and 128 harmonics per generator; layering with 128 keyboard zones; unlimited number of harmonic snapshots per...
    65 € previously 149 € - item no. 428527
  • Image-Line Poizone

    price slashed by 52% on the 27.10.2018: Image-Line Poizone (ESD); virtual synthesizer; conventionally designed and clearly arranged subtractive Synthesizer; 2 oscillators with sawtooth and pulse shapes as well as adjustable pulse width,...
    33 € previously 69 € - item no. 428525
  • iZotope Iris 2

    67% additional discount since the 27.10.2018: Virtual Instrument (Download) Sample-based tone generation with up to four layers of samples, Playback and filter areas can be freely draw on the spectrogram with filter function to set or adjust...
    48 € previously 147 € - item no. 393272
  • Output Signal

    10% additional discount since the 05.11.2018: Virtual Synthesizer (Download) Pulse engine on sample basis with analog and digital synths as well, as organic instruments, Up to 4 separate pulses simultaneously, All pulse sounds are 'lock to...
    170 € previously 189 € - item no. 397847
  • Best Service Emotional Cello Crossgrade

    20% cheaper since the 05.11.2018: Best Service Emotional Cello Crossgrade (ESD); crossgrade from Best Service Emotional Violin; virtual cello; authentic sound of a cello for film-scoring, pop-production, song-writing, classic and...
    159 € previously 199 € - item no. 451526
  • MusicLab RealStrat 4

    Price slashed the 05.11.2018: Virtual Electric Guitar (Download) Plug-in with sample-based sound generation based on a Fender Stratocaster, 2 different patches, Realistic implementation of MIDI data through multi-channel layer,...
    124 € previously 130 € - item no. 407914
  • FXpansion BFD 3

    Price slashed the 05.11.2018: Virtual Drum Production Studio (Download) Elaborately produced drum software, Based on meticulously and in detail recorded samples of high quality drums, 7 drum kits recorded in 2 studios, Includes...
    209 € previously 216 € - item no. 414547
  • Project Sam Orchestral Essentials 2

    Price slashed the 15.10.2018: Virtual Orchestra (Box) Carefully composed orchestral library drawn from the great libraries of Project Sam, Independently usable or as an ideal complement to Orchestral Essentials 1 (Art.406665 -...
    339 € previously 349 € - item no. 353807
  • Project Sam Symphobia Trio Pack

    Price slashed the 15.10.2018: Virtual Orchestral Bundle Contains the three Project Sam orchestral libraries Symphobia 1, Symphobia 2 and Lumina, Unconventional articulations and effects, Especially suitable for movies, TV and...
    1,399 € previously 1,469 € - item no. 428086
  • Best Service Synth-Werk

    Price slashed the 05.11.2018: Best Service Synth-Werk (ESD); virtual synthesizer; instrumental library offers 1300 sounds for elektronic music, for instance synthesizer, electronical speech synthesizer, choirs and vocoders,...
    145 € previously 149 € - item no. 394405
  • Ample Sound Ample Guitar G II

    Price slashed the 05.10.2018: Guitar Plugin Virtual electric guitar based on 6128 samples of a Gibson Les Paul, Tab player for all popular tablature formats, Realistic fingerboard and string grip sounds, varieties and more,...
    140 € previously 144 € - item no. 394360
  • accusonus Regroover Pro

    29% cheaper since the 08.10.2018: accusonus Regroover Pro (ESD); A.I beat machine plugin; analyzes and divides intelligently percussive audio loops and samples into four till six layers; each layer can be edited individually with...
    144 € previously 202 € - item no. 407768
  • accusonus Regroover Essential

    price slashed by 48% on the 08.10.2018: A.I-Beat Machine Plug-in (Download) Intelligently analyses and decomposes percussive audio loops and samples into four to six layers, Individual editing of layers with loop points, EQs, effects...
    47 € previously 90 € - item no. 407785