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The Galaxy II Grand Piano Collection contains three grand pianos: the Vienna Grand (a powerful Bösendorfer Imperial), the 1929 German Baby Grand (a Vintage Blüthner baby grand), and the 5 star awarded Galaxy Steinway in stereo and 5.1 surround.

The upcoming new version Galaxy II K4 is based on the new Kontakt 4 engine by Native Instruments, presenting new features, better performance and a completely redesigned direct access user interface. Version 4 offers true half pedaling, true repedaling and dynamically playable pedal, damper and string noises when using a continuous sustain pedal. Additional resonance release and noise samples have been added and all the 30GB of samples of Galaxy II have been revised and enhanced. Galaxy Piano’s Version 4 takes the Galaxy II Grand Piano Collection to an new level.


  • Three world class grand pianos
  • Galaxy Steinway 5.1 (Steinway D in 5.1 surround and stereo)
  • Vienna Grand Imperial (96 Key Bösendorfer with incredible low end)
  • 1929 German Baby Grand (Vintage Blüthner with a beautiful singing tone)
  • More than 6,000 samples in 24 bit (30GB/18GB with sample compression)
  • 13 modeled velocity zones for a wide and smooth dynamic range
  • Additional resonance, release and noise samples
  • Chromatic and multiple velocity resonance and release samples
  • Multi velocity pedal, damper, hammer and string noises
  • Real una corda samples
  • Real overtones
  • Powered by the Kontakt Player 4 engine
  • New direct access user interface
  • Lossless sample compression for better disk streaming
  • True half pedaling when using a continuous sustain pedal
  • True repedaling and sostenuto
  • Noises dynamically playable with a continuous sustain pedal
  • One-knob control of tone colour and dynamics.
  • Intelligent EQ for warmth, punch and brilliance
  • Sympathetic string resonance with real overtones
  • Flexible and easy-to-use velocity editor
  • Convolution reverb with many different types of rooms, concert halls and ambience
  • Adjustable stereo width and position
  • Specially designed compressor for pop piano sounds
  • Pad Machine
  • Warp Engine for sound design beyond regular piano sounds

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