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Die Thomann exclusive Edition Les Paul Studio 50er Tribute Humbucker von Gibson USA fängt die gleichen beliebten Look and Feel, aktualisiert mit der PAF-style Humbucker, dass die Les Paul-Modell getroffen später dieses Jahrzehnts.


  • Les Paul Studio ’50s Tribute Humbucker Modell
  • exklusive Thomann Edition
  • Mahagoni Korpus (chambered)
  • Ahorn Decke
  • Mahagoni Hals
  • 50er Halsprofil
  • Palisander Griffbrett
  • 22 Bünde
  • Mensur 628 mm
  • 1x Gibson 490R thomann (Hals) und 1x Gibson 498T (Steg) Humbucker Pickup
  • 2x Volume, 2x Tone Regler, 1 Toggle Schalter
  • Finish: Worn Gold Top
  • incl. Gig Bag

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1 review

    29 April 2012 at 20:07 , by Jimbo

    I’ve been a player & enthusiast for fifty years. I bought my first Silvertone electric from Sears in 1963. Since then I’ve played just about everything under the sun and in that time I’ve come to respect build quality because it determines the longevity, tone quality & playability of the instrument and tells the world what kind of commitment to craftsmanship the manufacturer embraces.

    I currently own four electrics, two of which are St. Blues. I investigated the "61 South" in Jan. on eBay because I wanted a semi hollow body unit to play when my back won’t accomodate my solid body "Tele" knock-off or my vintage "Strat" so I looked in the $700 price range & won the bid on the "61 South".

    I fell in love with it IMMEDIATELY! It is BY FAR the best sounding, most playable semi hollow body I’ve played in decades but the clincher was the fact that it is as rugged as it is beautiful. In fact I was so impressed by this little gem that I snached up the last "White Lightning" SOLID BODY because those three tappable custom wound single coil P-90’s produce the most exquisit range of tones from a Fender "Blues DeLuxe" amp you ever heard.

    Yeah, I’m jazzed by the product St. Blues puts out because I got more value for the money than I EVER expected. These are PERFORMER’S instruments that produce sound quality that causes a very positive reaction from both the player and who’s ever within earshot!

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