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SELMER Privilege Bb Clarinet

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SELMER Privilege Bb Clarinet

Rich, open sound clarinet

Requirement out of the fruitfull collaboration between Jérôme VERHAEGHE, solo clarinetist at the Paris Opera orchestra, and Henri SELMER Paris, the PRIVILEGE is a well balanced and homogeneous instrument which distinguishes itself by its efficiency and reliability. A very quick vibration setting guarantees an excellent response and a great fluidity.

Its dynamic range and the colour tones that it offers match with the orchestra playing in the largest concert halls. Without aggressiveness, even in the forte, the Privilege develops an exceptional quality of soubnd. Really optimized, the tuning balance sets a new standard : for instance, the low E and the F, always very delicate, are perfectly in tune.

A special undercutting allows to get a very precise fundamental, without alteration of the first overtone. Thanks to a similar bore architecture, both B-flat and A clarinets clearly stand in the same spirit in terms of sonority, tuning and blowing. Like the B-flat, the A clarinet develops low tones of exceptional warmth, in phase with the requirements of the clarinet repertoire.

The padding being composed of various materials (cork, Gore-Tex, leather) it ensures a precise covering. Furthemore it greatly contributes to the tone and resonance of the instrument, the low register pads fitted with boosters reinforcing certain high overtones.


- Key : B-flat
- Pitch : 442
- Bore diameter : 14.60mm / 0.574 inch
- Delivered with two barrels (conical bore) ! 65.5 and 66.5 mm common to B-flat and A Bore 15 mm
- System : Standard Boehm N°1B (17keys, 6 rings)
- Left Hand Eb lever
- Barrels, body joints and bell : Grenadilla wood
- Keywork : Silver plated Nickel Silver
- Metal tenon sockets (male + female)
- White leather pads with letal booster in the low register. White Gore-Tex pads for remaining body except 12th key with cork
- Blue steel springs
- Two-colour ring : gold-plated/matte black chrome-plated
- Weight : 825 gr
- Included : V85 120 B-flat Clarinet Mouthpiece Silver plated and case

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