With the latest innovations it’s probably the fastest sampler to work with: Background Loading dramatically reduces startup delays and the Quick Load Menu delivers instant access to your patches.

New Authentic Expression Technology (AET)®

The new Authentic Expression Technology sees KONTAKT 4 radically redefining the authentic reproduction of acoustic instruments with all their dynamics and articulations, while adding completely new options for creative sound design. In addition to the traditional way of sampling different volume levels of an instrument statically, AET is able to capture specific spectral characteristics of samples and gradually apply them to another samples in real-time, allowing you to seamlessly “morph” between different instruments’ characteristics. This breakthrough allows for a new level in expression and realism when playing a sampled instrument.
AET is especially powerful applied to solo instruments with sustained sounds - such as strings, brass, woodwinds, and choir: You can hold down a key and then seamlessly fade with the Mod Wheel between different articulations (e.g. trumpet playing with and without mute) or volume/dynamic levels with different harmonics.
It’s often possible to merge the acoustic characteristics of different instrument such as the piano and celesta in real time, opening new horizons for creative sampling and new kinds of hybrid instruments.

Expanded sound library: + 10 GB

In addition to the six collections available in the previous version, KONTAKT 4 now includes a comprehensive Choir Collection, recorded exclusively for Native Instruments, providing a complete set of soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices in different setups.

Several instruments of the Choir Collection makes use of the new Authentic Expression Technology giving you a new level of control: the choir voices can seamlessly morph the vowels ("A-E-I-O-U") while holding a key/note, which is nearly impossible with other samplers.

In addition, the Orchestral Collection has been updated with a new Solo Strings section, taken form the legendary Vienna Symphonic Library, and a concert hall organ, while the Vintage collection gets the famed Mellotron keyboard. Plus, all the e-piano samples from ELEKTRIK PIANO are included.

All in all, an extra 10 Gigabytes of new material enrich the KONTAKT library.

Expanded Convolution Effect Library

KONTAKT 4 comes with more than 300 new and professionally recorded impulse responses from a wide rang of rooms, concert halls, churches, speakers etc, to add super-realistic reverbs to your instruments or the sonic characteristics of high-quality hardware equipment (amps, speakers, hardware reverbs etc.).

The new impluse response samples are provided by Echochamber, Studiodevices and Acousticas.

Advanced Script Processor

The enhanced KONTAKT Script Processor gives many more options for designing custom Performance Views and for controlling other KONTAKT areas such as the master section (when writing ’multi scripts’).

True Tweakability

KONTAKT 4 offers endless possibilities to really get inside your samples. You can easily edit, loop, slice and time-stretch your sounds and pitch shift them in real time or tempo-sync them with the powerful Wave Editor. Draw your own custom envelopes directly into the sample waveform to easily and precisely modulate any parameter, or use step sequencers and flex envelopes to tweak your samples. Refine your sound even further with any of the 19 versatile studio-quality effects such as the convolution effect for super-realistic reverbs, or use the powerful surround sound features for cinematic productions.


  • 7 world-class instrument collections – 43 GB of sounds
  • Full-Featured Control Panel for each instrument
  • Groundbreaking new Authentic Expression Technology® for leading-edge true instrument simulation
  • New attribute-based browser and pre-tagged library
  • Universal import of virtually any sample format
  • 19 high-end effects
  • True 64-Bit compatibility on PC and revolutionary Memory Server for Mac
  • Library browser with new box view
  • Enhanced convolution effect with more impulse responses
  • Wave Editor for intuitive looping, slicing and editing with freely drawable envelopes and MIDI drag and drop


  • Stand-alone
  • VST®
  • Audio Units™
  • RTAS® (Pro Tools® 8 and higher)
  • ASIO®
  • Core Audio™
  • DirectSound®


  • Gigastudio 1-2.5 .gig
  • Gigastudio 3 .gig
  • EXS24 mkI .exs
  • EXS24 mkII .exs
  • Halion 1 / 2 program *** .fxp
  • REASON Instruments .sxt
  • RECYCLE REX 1 .rex
  • RECYCLE REX 2 .rx2
  • Mach 5 Bank .m5b
  • Mach 5 Preset .m5p
  • Mach 5 Performance .m5m
  • Soundfont 2 .sf2
  • Battery 1 .kit
  • Battery 2 .kt2
  • Battery 3 Kit .kt3
  • Battery 3 Cells .cl3
  • Reaktor .map
  • LM4 mk1 .txt
  • LM4 mk2 .fxp
  • BITHEADZ DS-1 Unity **** .uds
  • SampleCell .ins, no extension / CD-ROM
  • BeatCreator .zgr
  • DR-008 Kits .zgr
  • sfz sample definition files .sfz
  • VSampler 1 - 2.5 .vsb

Kontakt could be used with Masterkeybords 88 keys.

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