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The classic black design of the MP8 combined with the compact dimensions of the MP4 … we took major features of the MP8 including 192 notes polyphony, 256 sounds/setups and 4 effect processors. The piano sound was revised and equipped with string resonance, damper effect and key off sampling. Of course, along with some new live features, the new AHA IV-E keyboard is added to the new MP5.


Kawai has upgraded the Advanced Hammer Action and made the variation of touch even more natural according to each playing zone. The "Acoustic Reaction" has improved the stiffness of the keys when playing. You will feel more resistance of the key to your finger, giving you more control for dynamic expression with the new AHA IV-E key action.

Previously, when the normal touch curve didn’t fit your playing style, the only solution was to choose one of the different touch curve presets in the piano. With the User Touch Curve feature, you can create your own touch curve. In User Touch Curve mode, you are asked to play dynamically from soft to loud to input your playing style. The piano then analyses the data and creates the perfect touch curve made especially for you.


- action : 88 weighted keys, Advanced Hammer Action IV-E with AR technology
- polyphony : 192 notes
- sound source : Harmonic Imaging ® II technology
- internal sounds : 256
- setup memories : 256
- reverb types : 7 types: Plate, reverb 1, reverb 2, Stage 1, Stage 2, Room 1, Room 2
- effect types : individual for each zone: 22 types: Chorus, Flanger, Celeste, Ensemble, Delay 1-4, Auto pan 1-3, Tremolo 1-3, Phaser 1-2, Rotary 1-2, Auto Wah, Pedal Wah, Enhancer, Overdrive
- display : 2 x 16 characters LCD with background light
- controls : pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel, master volume, zone volume (x4), zone edit selection (x4), zone on/off (x4), real time edit control (x4), control mode switch (x4), SW on/off, EFX on/off, reverb on/off, menu up, menu down, value up, value down, sound mode, setup mode, (system mode), sound /setup select (8x8x4), store, transpose, metronome
- jacks : 6,3mm jacks for Line Out (L/Mono,R or 2xMono), headphone, damper/soft pedal, foot switch (assignable), expression (assignable), MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB, mains, power switch on/off
- parameters for internal zones : sound, volume, zone hi, zone lo, velocity switch (Off, Soft, Loud), velocity switch level, velocity compression, velocity offset, damper (on/off), FSW (on/off), EXP (on/off), mod wheel (on/off), bender (on/off), bender range (0-7), pan, zone transpose (±36), Fine Tuning, Virtual Voicing (Mellow, Bright, Dynamic, Normal), Stretch Tuning, Temprament, FSW CC#, EXP CC#, Attack, Decay, Release, Cutoff, EQ
- parameters for external MIDI zones : sound nr., volume, bank select (MSB/LSB), MIDI CH, zone hi, zone lo, velocity switch (Off, Soft, Loud), velocity switch level, velocity compression, velocity offset, damper (on/off), FSW (on/off), EXP (on/off), mod wheel (on/off), bender (on/off), bender range (0-12), pan, transpose (±36), Fine Tuning, Knobs A-D (on/off/CC#), TX Channel, TX Program, TX Bank, TX volume, Attack, Decay, Release, Cutoff
- system parameters : Master Tuning, VolumeAction, line out Mode, Local on/off, system Channel, Touch Curve (Normal, Light, Light+, Heavy, Heavy+, USER), LCD Contrast, LED Brightness, MIDI Multi mode, RCV CH 1-16 Play/Mute, Dump, Reset
- dimensions in mm : 1356 x 340 x 172 (WxDxH)
- weight in kg : 20,5
- accessories : F-10H pedal with Half-damper function and music rack included

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