JUPITER2500 - 3000 euros | 3500 - 4200 dollars


  • Yellow brass body with gold epoxy lacquer finish
  • Power forged and lacquered brass keys with needle steel springs
  • Front F key
  • Adjustable felt bumpers on low A, Bb, B, C and D#
  • Low A key, articulated G# with double screw adjustment
  • Rigid and distinctive removable bell brace
  • Woodframe case w/wheels

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Yanagisawa B-WO20 Baritone Sax

Saxophone baryton Modèle Elite, Corps en bronze, Clétage en laiton, Clé de Fa# aigu, Clé de La grave, Bascule Do#/Sib, Bascule Si/Do#, Clés graves double pointe,...
7.999 € 8.666 € - article no. 448698