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Studiologic’s VMK-176 PLUS MIDI controller features a superior quality Fatar Hammer Action keyboard, and a full complement of knobs, buttons, switches, and more to give you great piano feel and ultimate control over your MIDI software and modules.

This Studiologic MIDI controller has a fully featured USB connection including bus power in addition to two MIDI outs. A large LCD display helps you keep track of your settings and an array of pitch bend, modulation, sliders will give you control over every keyboard function imaginable.


- 76 full size keys with Fatar GRAND TOUCH
- Velocity and Aftertouch-sensitive
- LCD Display with Data Entry Dial
- Pitch Bend and Modulation Joystick
- 30 User-Programmable presets, Including 12 factory presets
- 25 Programmable Knobs, Sliders and Buttons
- 5 button Sequencer Transport control
- 3 Programmable Pedal inputs
- Built in USB with Bus power
- MIDI Connectors:In, out, USB.
- Pedal Inputs 3 footswitch/continuous controller (all programmable).
- Dimensions: 45.4" x 13.75" x 5.5"
- Weight: 40 lbs

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