FATAR-STUDIOLOGIC1000 - 1500 euros | 1300 - 2100 dollars

The “YOU-PLAY” system allows to design and save user-specific dynamic curves in addition to the supplied three preset curves, all on a touch-sensitive pad. The most customisable controller keyboard ever created, and the only one worthy of the name: Professional Keyboard Interface.


- Large Light Blue Graphic Display
- 2 Assignable Stereo Jack Pedal Inputs
- 1 Assignable Fluorescent Wheel
- 16 Independent Midi Channels Assignable To All Controllers
- 4 Keyboard Zones For Splits And Layers
- 3 Factory Dynamic Curves
- 15 Memory User Locations For Velocity Dynamic Courves Saving
- 64 Memory Locations For Patch Saving
- 2 Mode Operation
- Assignable Aftertouch
- Panic Buttons
- You Play Feature Is The Best And Fastest Way To Create A Dynamic Curve In Real Time
- MIDI Out
- USB Class Compliant - To Connect With PC To Load/Save Firmware Updates Presets
- Windows XP/Vista and Mac Compatible, No Drivers Required
- Powered Via USB (Cable Not Included) And/Or Power Adapter Included

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