YAMAHA250 - 500 euros | 330 - 700 dollars

The Ultra-Portable Digital Piano

Its super slim design and minimal weight of 12 pounds makes it the
Slim Design
most compact performer in the digital piano family of instruments. And 6 AA batteries are all you need to power up and start playing immediately.

Graded Soft Touch Action - NEW

Because of its similarity to acoustic pianos, a graded action is one of the primary features sought by pianists in their digital instruments. While technically a non-weighted action, the new Graded Soft-Touch keyboard is the first of its kind bringing different levels of resistance without the extra weight of moving hammers… the key contributor to the NP-30’s fighting weight of only 12 pounds. The end result is a very playable action that will appeal to pianists who want to take their music anywhere.

AWM Stereo Piano Samples
Advanced Wave Memory is Yamaha’s exclusive format for reproducing sounds digitally. And stereo means that Yamaha used two microphones to record the piano you hear on every key of the NP-30 adding even more realism to the sound you hear.

Built-in Metronome
Every pianist knows that practice makes perfect. And one tool they’ve all used to keep time when practicing is the metronome. The NP-30 has a built-in metronome and even has multiple time signatures (3/4, 4/4, 6/8…) to choose from. Plus the numeric key function lets you set the tempo to the exact marking you need.
lightweight, compact, go anywhere design

Dual Voice Mode
Choose any two Voices you’d like to combine and play them both at once. Dual Voice mode makes this easier than ever. Simply hold down the Voice Select button and select the two you’d like to hear for a variety of combinations.


  • Number of Keys 76
  • Touch Response Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
  • Type Piano Style (Non-weighted) Graded SoftTouch


  • Number of Voices 10
  • Notes of Polyphony 32
  • PianoVoice Quality AWM Stereo Sampling

Reverb 4 types
Layer 2 voices simultaneously

  • Song Preset Songs 10 Voice Demos
  • 10 Piano Repertoire
  • Metronome Adjustable Tempo
  • Adjustable Time Signature
  • Controls Tempo 32 to 280 bpm
  • Transpose Plus/minus 6 semi-tones
  • Tuning A = 427Hz 453Hz
  • MIDI Multi-Timbre 16 parts
  • Jacks Headphones One 1/4" Stereo Out
  • Pedal Sustain (Half-Damper compatible)
  • Power DC IN

Sound System

  • Amplifier 6W + 6W
  • Speakers 4.7" x 2.3"


  • Adaptor PA-5D or PA-150 (optional)
  • Batteries Six AA or equivilent batteries (not included)
  • Body Color Black
  • Body Size Dimensions 49" x 10.2" x 4"
  • Weight 12 lbs


  • Music Rest Included
  • Owner’s Manual Included
  • PA-5D or PA-150 Power Adaptor Optional
  • NP30 Keyboard Stand Optional
  • FC3 Sustain Pedal
  • with Half Damper Effect Optional
  • FC5 Sustain Footswitch Optional

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