YAMAHA1000 - 2000 euros | 1300 - 2600 dollars

All available directly through the guitars output jack, delivering the kind of natural, studio-quality acoustic guitar tone that guitarists have been dreaming of for years.

  • Sleek Thin-line Body Profile
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Rosewood Back & Sides
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard & Bridge
  • SRT System62 Preamp


  • Top Solid Spruce
  • Back Solid Rosewood
  • Side Solid Rosewood
  • Neck Mahogany
  • Fingerborad Ebony
  • Bridge Ebony
  • Body Depth 80-90mm
  • Nut Width 43mm
  • String Length 650mm
  • Preamp System62

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Baton Rouge AR61S/A

Baton Rouge AR61S/A; acoustic steel guitar; Auditorium, top solid german spruce, back & sides exotic mahogany, neck mahogany, fingerboard & bridge ovangkol, 20 frets, nut & saddle Nubone, strings...
304 £ 354 £ - item no. 488117

Larry Carlton R3-D VS

Larry Carlton R3-D VS; Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar; Back & Sides: Mahogany; Top: Solid Spruce; Neck: Mahogany; Fingerboard: Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia); Inlays: Dots; 20 Frets; Nut:...
298 £ 444 £ - item no. 487545

Taylor Custom #10104 Grand Concert

Steel String Guitar The Grand Concert is especially suitable for fingerstyle and light strumming. The guitar's back and sides made of hand selected Macassar ebony lend it a deep bass and clear...
3,199 £ 3,333 £ - item no. 406991

Harley Benton D-120NT

Steel String Guitar Body shape: Dreadnought, Top: Spruce, X bracing, Body and sides: Mahogany, Neck: Mahogany, Dovetail construction, Roseacer (thermally treated rosewood) fretboard, Modern C neck...
53 £ 55 £ - item no. 152025

Harley Benton D-120BK

Western Guitar The Harley Benton HBD 120BK is an acoustic guitar in the dreadnought construction style and which comes at a sensational price. The bottom and sides are made of sapele, and despite...
53 £ 55 £ - item no. 157818

Fender CD-60 NA Bundle

Bundle offer comprising Fender CD-60 NA V3 Steel-String Guitar, Dreadnought shape, Top from laminated spruce, Bottom & sides from laminated mahogany, Neck from nato, Fretboard from sonokeling,...
122 £ 125 £ - item no. 266387

Harley Benton CG-45 NS

Steel-String Guitar Standard Series, Design: Folk-style, Body: Mahogany, X-Bracing, Neck: Mahogany, Fretboard: Roseacer (thermally treated maple wood), Fretboard inlays: Dots, Neck profile: Modern...
53 £ 55 £ - item no. 142800

Harley Benton Delta Blues DCE

Western guitar Body shape: Dreadnought, Vintage-style, Mahogany body with quarter-sawn tapered spruce bracing, Dovetail construction, Neck: Mahogany, Fretboard: Blackwood, Dot fretboard inlays,...
82 £ 85 £ - item no. 451675

Harley Benton HBD120CEBK Bundle

Bundle offer comprising Harley Benton D-120CE BK Steel-String Guitar, Design: Dreadnought with cutaway, Top: Spruce, Body: Mahogany (Entandrophragma cylindricum), Neck: Mahogany, Fretboard:...
92 £ 95 £ - item no. 111395

Harley Benton Custom Line CLMJ-15MCE VS

Acoustic/Electric Steel-String Guitar with Cutaway Body size: Mini Jumbo-14, Vintage Solid Series, Top: Solid gabon mahogany (Aucoumea klaineana), Body: Gabon mahogany (Aucoumea klaineana), Neck:...
189 £ 195 £ - item no. 460727

Harley Benton D-200CE-12NT

12-String Steel String Guitar The Harley Benton HBD200-12 is a twelve-string electric acoustic guitar in a dreadnought design with cutaway and comes at a sensational price. The back and sides are...
92 £ 95 £ - item no. 165306

Harley Benton CG-45 Vintage Sunburst

Steel-String Guitar Standard Series, Folk-style, Mahogany body (Entandrophragma cylindricum), Mahogany neck (Entandrophragma cylindricum), Neck: Roseacer (thermally treated maple wood), Neck...
53 £ 55 £ - item no. 456096

Harley Benton HBD120CEBK LH Bundle English

Bundle offer comprising Harley Benton D-120CE-LH BK Steel-String Guitar with Pickup, Left-handed model, Dreadnought design with cutaway, Top: Spruce, Body: Mahogany, Neck: Mahogany, Fretboard:...
95 £ 98 £ - item no. 245027

Harley Benton D-120TB

Steel String Guitar Build: Dreadnought, Body: Mahogany, Spruce top, Neck: Mahogany, Roseacer fretboard, Dot fretboard inlays, Neck profile: C neck profile, Dovetail construction, X-bracing,...
53 £ 55 £ - item no. 456243

Fender CC-60SCE All-Mah Satin FSR

Concert Size Steel-String Cutaway Guitar with Pickup Quartersawn Scalloped "X" Bracing, Back & sides: Mahogany, Top: Solid mahogany, Neck: Mahogany, Fretboard: Walnut, 20 Vintage...
229 £ 235 £ - item no. 475491