SELMER Saint Louis Bb Clarinet


The ’Saint Louis’ Anniversary model embodies all the progress achieved by SELMER Paris over the century. It is the successful outcome of 100 years of technical expertise and profound communication with artists. The Bb and A ’Saint Louis’ clarinets feature a versatile personality which will meet the needs of different playing styles. Rich, open sound, easy blowing emission, broad dynamics, balanced tuning and projection are as many quality features that summarize the SELMER Paris clarinet philosophy.


- Barrel: 1 Grenadilla 66.5 mm / 1 Grenadilla 64.5 mm
- Bell: Grenadilla w/ Ring
- Body: Grenadilla
- Bore: Cylindrical / 0.571" - 14.5 mm
- Crafted In: France
- Includes: Case / Mouthpiece / Ligature & Cap / Care Products
- Key System: Boehm (French) / 18 Keys
- Keys: Silver Plated
- Pads: Double Skin
- Special Keys: Alernate Eb/Ab Lever
- Springs: Blue Steel
- Tone Holes: Undercut

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