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An excellent clarinet for musicians stepping up to their first wood instrument. Made of high -grade grenadilla wood, perfectly seasoned and treated and macnined to our exact specifications. All wood instruments carry a five year warranty to ensure quality material and workmanship.

This beautiful instrument provides exceptional intonation throughout all registers.

The clarinet models 6025 (6026 with Eb-lever) are perfect for both beginners and experienced musicians alike. Technical details, innovative processing methods and top quality components provide optimum playing comfort and superior performance from the very first note.

  • Ergonomic key design Comfortable for beginner and experienced player alike.
  • Adjustable thumb rest Allows relaxed hand position and increased agility
  • Even key action — blue steel springs Consistent feel — better technical performance
  • Undercut tone holes Better intonation, even scale, improved reponse
  • Angled tone holes Improves the sound of C1/G2, E1/B2 and G1
  • Leather pads Better durability and seating
  • Side mounted register key Improved intonation & reduced collection of condensation in the vent tube
  • Model 6025 - nickel or silver plated keys. Model 6026 silver plated keys only Greater durability & non-allergenic
  • Computer controlled manufacture Consistency of quality and performance
  • Nickel-silver body rings Greater stability and increased durability
  • Deluxe case with shoulder strap Room for music and accessories, extra carrying comfort & maximum instrument protection
  • 5-year warranty Insures the highest quality materials, workmanship & reliability


  • Grenadilla wood body
  • Nickel silver forged keys with nickel of silver plating (6026 silver plated keys only)
  • Optional left hand Eb/Ab lever (6026 only)
  • Blue steel springs
  • Leather pads
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • American-made mouthpiece and ligature wiht metal mouthpiece cap
  • Durable case with music and accessory compartments
  • Accessories include pull-through swab, cork grease stick, fingering chart and instrument care instructions
  • Made in Germany

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