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This beautiful instrument provides exceptional intonation throughout all registers.

The clarinet Model 6010 is perfect for both beginners and experienced musicians alike. Technical details, innovative manufacturing methods and top quality components provide optimum playing comfort and superior performance from the very first note.

  • Ergonomic key design : Comfortable for beginner and experienced player alike.
  • Adjustable thumb rest : Allows relaxed hand position and increased agility
  • Even key action — blue steel springs : Consistent feel — better technical performance
  • Undercut tone holes : Better intonation, even scale, improved reponse
  • Angled tone holes : Improves the sound of C1/G2, E1/B2 and G1
  • Leather pads Better durability and seating
  • Side mounted register key : Improved intonation & reduced collection of condensation in the vent tube
  • Solid nickel-silver keys with extra thick plating : Greater durability & non-allergenic
  • Computer controlled manufacture : Consistency of quality and performance
  • Nickel-silver body rings : Greater stability and increased durability
  • Deluxe hard shell case : Hard shell plastic design is durable - has accessory compartment
  • 5-year warranty : Insures the highest quality materials, workmanship & reliability


  • 17 keys, 6 rings
  • Forged ergonomic keys
  • Body made ABS Resin with wood-like finish and reduced weight
  • Crack resistant material
  • 5-year guarantee on material and workmanship
  • Special bore design improves intonation
  • Side mounted register key
  • Nickel Silver plated keys and body rings
  • Improved bell design with bell ring
  • Leather pads
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • American made mouthpiece and ligature with metal mouthpiece cap
  • Accessories include pull-through swab and cork grease stick
  • Instrument care instructions and fingering chart
  • Made in Germany

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