23 avril 2013 : Jalmus is discontinued

I’ve stopped to develop and maintain Jalmus Software. It was a great experience and I hope my little work was useful for some musicians to learn read music.

Best Regards,


PS : I’ve just fixed on version 2.3 the rest breve and semibreve inversion on Score Reading

5 septembre 2012 : Version 2.3

Adding Greek translation (thanks to John Lakkas)

Minor fixes

Fixing bug with speed faster than largo on Rhythm/Score reading (speed is between 0 and 200). Thanks to Ian Tierney
Fixing bug when saving Score Reading with no custom notes . Thanks to Ian Tierney
Update level when changing key on Score Reading preferences

23 avril 2012 : Version 2.2

Version 2.2 fixing language selection

5 février 2012 : Version 2.1

New version of Jalmus is available with :

- BUG FIX : turn off keyboard sound.
- BUG FIX : Tempo settings for rhythms reading.
- NEW FEATURE : "route" keyboard sound to an external midi device to avoid latency when playing notes.

Thanks to Henrik for this update.

26 décembre 2011 : Version 2.0

New version 2.0

- All exercises could be saved on Preferences panel. After saving your exercise, you can load it from your personal lessons directory.
- Exercises (note reading, rhythm reading and score reading) can be mixed in a same lesson.
- Custom notes with accidentals on Score Reading exercise. Accidentals doesn’t affect other identical notes in the measure like they do (it’s in to do list).
- Some graphics improvements for rhythms (stem up or down according to pitch ...)
- Adding dotted half on rhythm exercises
- Jalmus could work with any acoustic instrument by using Prodipe Solo
- Few lessons for violin and sax alto (more to come)
- New shortcut in lesson’s menu to open lesson’s directory and modify/create/delete directly the XML files (with any text editor).
- In lesson mode you can pass an exercise by Escape key
- Fixing permission problem installer for Windows 7

If you create lessons, please send me to adding them on next release.

5 octobre 2011 : Version 1.8

Version 1.8 with some new features (credits to Massimo Callegari) is available on new project at SourceForge.

Changelog :


added an option to choose the measure tempo. For now just 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 are supported
possibility to resize Jalmus window. With this feature the user can choose how many measures to play
added time signature indication after alterations
removed speed cursor parameter
added an option to show Metronome beats and cursor progress


removed BareBoneBrowser class. Jalmus now requires Java 6 to natively open a web browser
removed GIF pictures to display notes
notes are displayed through the MusiSync truetype font (credits to Robert Allgeyer)
when rhythm game options are changed, the score is renewed (same as score reading game)
GIF background converted to PNG to be ligther
metronome now uses MIDI channel 10, to take advantage of drums samples
most of the source code has been translated in english

20 décembre 2010 : Version 1.7

- Fixing problem when selecting chords or intervals on preferences panel Show name of interval or chord only for learning exercise

- Adding Polish translation (thanks to Wojtek)

- Fixing Italian translation (thanks to Massimo)

7 juillet 2010 : Version 1.6

The main new feature is a score reading exercise only playable with MIDI keyboard : see demo on Youtube. You should first set latency and cursor speed like show on video.

Change log :

- Score reading exercise
- Improving main menu and preferences window
- No more sound when mouse is moved on keyboard at screen (note reading exercise)

To do next :

- Both clef together on note and score reading exercises
- Integrate rhythm and score reading in lesson files

7 juin 2010 : Version 1.5 : problem on rhythm exercise

I’ve uploaded a version 1.5 corrected to resolve problem on rhythm exercise.

There are now two parameters to setup :

- Latency : increase this value if the points are not superposed when you give rhythms on four first beats
- Cursor speed : increase this value if the points move forward more and more

Please report any problem on forum.

5 June 2010 : New version 1.5

Version 1.5 adding a rhythms exercise with possibility to give answers with SPACE key or better a MIDI keyboard connected to your computer.

A demo is available on «Features» page or on Youtube.

It’ s very important to set latency in preferences before play rhythm game.
10 May 2010 : New video demo of Jalmus 1.4
A video demo of Jalmus 1.4 with all exercises is available at the end of «Features» page .

10 mai 2010 : Version 1.4

New version is available with changelog :

- Save and load preferences (language, midi options) in settings file when Jalmus close and start
- Adding buttons to select range of notes in note reading game.
- The notes to train are now visible in green on keyboard at screen.
- Slow down note reading game in line.
- Fixing sound problem at the end of a game (I hope it’s OK now).

Update 13/05/2010 :
- Fixing problem with green keys in learning game
- The rhythm game have sound even the sound checkbox is off in midi options (the MIDI keyboard play sound too).

To do next :

- Improve note reading game with piano staff
- Add new exercise on rhythms with possibility to use MIDI keyboard

5 avril 2010 : Version 1.3

Final release of version 1.3 :

- Adding new languages : Korean (thanks to Sugarclean), Finnish (thanks to Tuomas) and Esperanto (thanks to Christophe Chazarein)
- New version of Izpack installer
- Cleaning the code : using Eclipse instead JBuilder (no more executables except jar file)
- Fixing bug with sound when stop a rhythm game
- Fixing C3 key to start Notereading game

15 août 2007 : New version 1.2

The main feature added in this version is a system to create a set of exercices by using an XML file.

This release contains twelve lessons only translated in french and english. You can create your own lessons files or translate the provided lessons. Please send your files to to add them in next release.

If you use and appreciate Jalmus, please help me to translate, the documentation (especially Deutsch and Italiano) or the Website.

Change log :

- new system of lessons
- possibility to transpose little keyboards in MIDI preferences
- bug fixed when you modify parameters before selecting the game
- game paused when MIDI preferences selected
- bug fixed for random accidentals in C Major

9 mai 2007 : Version 1.2 Beta

The new release could be dowloaded here. It’s a beta version with probably some bugs. So please report them on users mailing list.

The main feature added in this version is a sytem to create a set of levels by using an XML file. . The beta version contains three lessons for testing. You can create your own files but the syntax available on wiki could be changed in the final release.

4 mars 2007 : Version 1.1

- added "Pause option" by using key "P"
- corrected turkish translation

3 janvier 2007 : Version 1.1 RC1

First, I would like to wish you an Happy New Year.

New release 1.1 RC1 was available here.

- New "Learning game" for Note Reading.
- New language available : Turkish. Thanks to Özgür Basol.
- System to select range of notes for "Note Reading" was improved.

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