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Six additional instant-access instruments and 128 on-board General MIDI sounds round out a premium performance solution that can be used with or without a computer.

In the studio, the keyboard’s built-in USB audio interface makes it easy to record your performance—plus vocals and instruments—directly to the computer with the included software. ProKeys Sono 88 provides an intuitive and seamless experience from start to finish, whether you’re jamming live, creating professional-quality recordings or teaching music.

Exceptional playability

M-Audio digital pianos have been embraced by top recording artists and performing musicians on some of the world’s most notable concert tours. ProKeys Sono 88 extends M-Audio’s legacy of reliability and playability with advanced keybed scanning technology. This new innovation provides superior resolution, increasing your control over dynamics for an extremely expressive performance. Look no further for a realistic piano experience—in the studio and on stage.

Channel your inner songwriter

The ProKeys Sono 88 portable digital piano with audio interface provides exactly what you need to work out ideas—no need to power up several pieces of equipment or navigate through extensive menus to find the right sound. ProKeys Sono 88 features a built-in, stereo-sampled Steinway grand piano developed by the expert software instrument designers in the Digidesign® Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group. Six other instant-access sounds stand ready at your fingertips—bright piano, electric piano, organ, clav, strings and choir. You can even add reverb for enhanced realism. And the on-board GM sound set gives you 128 sounds plus drums and percussion. No computer is required—just turn on ProKeys Sono 88 and start playing.

Instruments galore

Why just play piano when you can be the whole band? ProKeys Sono 88 gives you a full 128 GM instruments, plus drums and percussion, to play just for fun—or to use in building up multi-track recordings. Jam on drums, bass, synths, organ, sax, flute and many more instruments right at your fingertips.

Complete solution

The ProKeys Sono 88 digital piano bridges the gap between writing, performing and recording music. The on-board 2-in, 2-out audio interface lets you listen to everything—built-in sounds, software instruments and recorded tracks—right from the ProKeys Sono 88 audio outs or headphone jacks. Connect instruments and microphones to the audio inputs and record vocals, guitar, bass and more—or even jam along with a CD. Compatible with most major digital audio workstation software, ProKeys Sono 88 combines everything you need to start making and recording music.

Record and mix your tunes

The included Ableton Live Lite software turns your ProKeys Sono 88 and computer into a complete recording studio. Its powerful drag-and-drop interface lets you make incredible loop-based music with ease. Want to record vocal and guitar tracks? Just plug your mic or instrument into your ProKeys Sono 88 and record them with Ableton Live Lite. When you’ve recorded all your tracks, this powerful software also lets you mix it all down to share with friends, record labels and more.

Teacher’s pet

ProKeys Sono 88 is a music teacher’s best friend. Dual front-mounted headphone jacks keep things private between you and your student. If you’re in a lab setting, the keyboard’s combination of on-board piano sounds and audio interface with mixer means there’s nothing else to buy. The included Ableton Live Lite software rounds out a complete electronic music learning package. There’s even a Piano Reset button to restore all settings to the internal piano sound should you ever need to return to the default state.


- 88-note, semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard
- on-board, stereo-sampled Steinway premium piano sound
- 6 other high-quality instruments—bright piano, electric piano, organ, clav, strings, choir
- GM compatible with 128 on-board sounds, plus drums and percussion
- reverb and chorus effects
- layer mode
- 40-note (maximum) polyphony
- built-in USB audio interface

  • 2-in/2-out audio interface
  • 16-bit/44.1kHz (CD-quality) audio
  • XLR microphone, 1/4" instrument and RCA inputs
  • 1/4" jacks for stereo line output
  • dual front-mounted headphone jacks
  • hardware direct monitoring

- assignable modulation wheel and voice volume control
- pitch bend wheel
- transpose +/- buttons assignable to alter octave, transpose, program, Bank LSB, Bank MSB, MIDI channel or master tune
- Edit Mode button for advanced MIDI functionality
- MIDI Out from USB mode allows the keyboard to be used as a MIDI interface
- connection and power via USB bus
- class-compliant MIDI requires no additional drivers
- includes low-latency drivers for optimal audio performance
- DC power socket
- sustain pedal jack
- MIDI Out jack
- On/Off switch
- Piano Reset button restores all settings to piano sound (default state)

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