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The Keystation 61es is a 61-note USB keyboard with velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted keys that is designed to easily integrate in any computer music environment. It’s compatible with many music education and music creation software titles, making it ideal for classrooms and studios alike

Class-compliancy with Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Vista (32 bit) delivers true plug-and-play setup. The Keystation 61es is also compatible with many music education and music creation software titles, making it ideal for classrooms and studios alike. More advanced users can control software synths, external sound devices, and more with the assignable slider, and pitch and mod wheels. This sleek, compact keyboard is USB bus-powered and requires no external power supply.


- 61-note velocity-sensitive semi-weighted action
- pitch bend and modulation wheels
- volume/control slider
- advanced function button for programming
- sustain foot pedal input (pedal sold separately)
- octave +/- buttons to extend keyboard range
- separate MIDI out jack routes MIDI signals from your computer to control external devices
- powered via USB or 9VDC power adapter (sold separately)
- Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Vista (32 bit) class-compliant for plug-and-play
- includes Ableton Live Lite music production software, so you can make music right away
- size: 39"(L) x 9-3/8"(H) x 3-5/8"(D)
- weight: 11 lbs

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