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Large dynamic trigger pads make it easy to program beats and trigger one-shot samples—while the encoder knobs, faders, and buttons deliver complete real-time control over your software. DirectLink mode provides easy, automatic access to common DAW functions* including transport, mixer, track pan, and virtual instrument parameters—no complicated setup required. Axiom 61 even features a sleek, angled top panel for easy viewing in any environment.

DirectLink: Streamlined Session Control

Building on the best-selling MIDI keyboard controllers of all time**, the updated Axiom series features DirectLink, which automatically maps the onboard controls to common parameters in DAWs* like Pro Tools®, Logic, Cubase, Live, and Reason. Take control over your software studio—directly from the keyboard. Use the faders and encoder knobs to fine-tune the mix. Easily navigate through sessions using the Transport buttons. Interfacing a MIDI controller with your software doesn’t get any easier than this.

Serious Production Power

When inspiration strikes, you need a keyboard controller that can translate ideas into killer tracks. That’s why Axiom 61 is equipped with an ultra-expressive semi-weighted keyboard and eight Trigger Finger® pads for programming beats with incredible feel. Automatically map Axiom 61 to your DAW with DirectLink—or delve deeper by assigning the pads, encoders, faders, and buttons to whatever controls you wish. Each controller can map to just about any MIDI message available, along with independent channel addressing for each. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Axiom Instrument Mode

With other MIDI keyboards, assigning encoders and faders to control virtual instruments has never been easy. Now thanks to the Axiom 61 controller’s new Instrument mode, a single button instantly maps the faders, buttons, and encoders to any virtual instrument inside your DirectLink-compatible host*. You get direct access to synthesis parameters such as filter cutoff, LFO rate, and envelope settings—without having to manually configure anything. It’s almost like turning Axiom 61 into a dedicated hardware synth.

Intuitive Design

Whether you’re on stage or in the studio, your keyboard controller should fuel your creativity—providing all the right information and controls at your fingertips. That’s why we designed Axiom 61 with a sleek angled top panel for easier viewing of the display and improved ergonomics. Smooth rotary encoders deliver precise, continuously variable parameter changes while low profile 40 mm faders give you a hands-on feel for the mix. The centrally positioned LCD screen provides informative feedback from DAW hosts, including on-screen display of parameters and settings. It all adds up to intuitive control over your MIDI software and hardware.

Mobile Operation

The Axiom series is extremely compact and lightweight and all models are powered directly from your computer’s USB bus. Choose the size that’s best for your needs, then take your music anywhere you want to go.

** The Axiom series is the best-selling MIDI controller line in the U.S. (MI SalesTrak: January 2007 – December 2009).


- 61-key velocity-sensitive semi-weighted-action keyboard with assignable aftertouch
- DirectLink mode automatically maps faders, buttons, and encoders to common DAW and virtual instrument parameters
- dedicated Instrument mode button lets you instantly switch between controlling mixer and virtual instrument parameters
- intuitive custom LCD display, centered on keyboard for optimum visibility
- angled top panel for easy viewing in any environment
- 4 zone buttons for stacking and splitting sounds on up to 4 MIDI channels
- 8 assignable trigger pads
- 8 assignable rotary encoder knobs
- 9 assignable faders
- 9 assignable buttons with LED lights for DAW feedback
- 6 dedicated transport controls with LED lights for DAW feedback
- 6 edit buttons
- dedicated track up/down, bank , mute, and solo buttons

- dedicated patch +/– buttons
- assignable pitch bend and modulation wheels
- octave up/down; transpose up/down
- factory presets map controls to popular music software:

  • Xpand!®2
  • Hybrid™
  • Velvet®
  • Strike®
  • Oddity
  • ImpOSCar
  • Minimonsta

- 20 non-volatile memory locations
- memory dump via SysEx
- 4 keybed velocity curves and 3 fixed velocity settings
- 4 pad velocity curves, 3 fixed settings, and unique ‘step’ velocity curves
- 2 assignable pedal inputs
- class-compliant with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X
- powered via USB or optional power supply
- built-in USB MIDI interface including standard MIDI In and Out jacks
all controllers fully programmable to MIDI controller number and channel
- Controller Mute function mutes controller output to avoid parameter jumps
- Snapshot function transmits all current controller settings
- on/off rocker switch

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