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Julius Keilwerth Shadow saxophone: the top saxophone for those who are looking for something exceptional!

Physical Features

With a black nickel-plated body made from nickel-silver, black finger buttons and silver-plated keys, this saxophone not only has an extra-ordinary appearance, it also features a new, ergonomically adapted keywork.

The Sound

The new Keilwerth saxophone "Shadow" combines the advantages of nickel silver with those of a black nickel-plate finish. Nickel silver adapts to and conducts changing frequencies faster than other material, resulting in a very direct response, and a well centered and extremely powerful sound.

The Package

Another important advantage is the reduced weight and the high stability. In combination with the black nickel plating, a completely new sound spectrum is created. Thus, the new Shadow saxophone offers a new sound alternative within the range of Keilwerth nickel silver saxophones.

Invest in The Shadow and play a rare treasure.


- Key of Eb
- Body made of nickel silver, black nickel plated and clear lacquered
- Sophisticated engraving on bow, bell, body, and neck
- silver-plated keys
- Black key inlays of mother of pearl without metal rim
- Ergonomically optimized key positioning for both hands
- Adjustable palm keys
- Newly positioned C/Eb key
- Wide bow for a full, dynamic sound

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