JUPITER1000 - 1500 euros | 1400 - 2100 dollars

Whether you choose a Jupiter student intermediate or advanced saxophone you are assured of all the standard features plus an array of features found only on top-level professional instruments. These include metal tone boosters, adjustable bell felts, C# articulation with tilting Bb mechanism, advanced bell brace and removable bell—all contributing to Jupiter’s legendary tone and unsurpassed value.


  • Bb Neck Material:
  • Range Up to: High F# Auxiliary Keys
  • Articulated G#,
  • tilting Bb Pads
  • Leather Resonators:
  • Metal Thumb Rest
  • Adjustable Includes
  • case, mouthpiece, ligature, cap, and care
  • products Crafted in: Taiwan

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P.Mauriat PMXT-66R UL Tenor Sax

Tenor Saxophone Rolled tone holes, High F#, Neck: Super VI (for more variety of sound), Large bell, Material: Gold brass, Hand engraved patterns on entire instrument, Real mother of pearl inlays,...
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