JUPITER500 - 1000 euros | 700 - 1400 dollars

Very well balanced and easy to play, the JAS-567GL has many additions that you would expect to see on a mid-range instrument. Excellent quality at a very competitive price, this instrument is extremely reliable and good value for money. Repairer Manuel Furtardo has said: "It is simply the best student instrument on the market."


- Yellow brass body with gold epoxy lacquer baked finish
- Lacquered brass keys with steel springs
- Inserted octave key
- High F# key
- Articulated G# key with tilting Bb rocker arm
- Waterproof pad
- 3 point bell to body bracing
- Both wood frame case and backpack case

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Thomann Antique Alto Saxophone

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Rampone & Cazzani Eb-Alto Sax Solista

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P.Mauriat PMSA-76 DK Alto Saxophone

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