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In celebration of 30 years of fine instrument making, G&L is proud to announce the release of the 30th Anniversary Collection of instruments made in the historic G&L facility on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California.

In addition to the unique features, tone and craftsmanship shared with other G&L instruments made on Fender Avenue, all 30th Anniversary models are finished in custom-blended 30th Anniversary Pearl Frost on both the body and headstock face, with contrast provided by a rich Ebony fingerboard accented with white pearl position markers. The headstock rear carries the commemorative G&L 30th Anniversary marking.

The guitar models carry the pearl anniversary theme further with the addition of Schaller/G&L tuning keys fitted with pearlescent buttons, and the pickguards on the ASAT Classic, ASAT Special and Legacy are 3-ply pearlescent.

The 30th Anniversary Legacy mark the debut of the G&L DFS Vibrato, which builds on the success of G&L’s Dual-Fulcrum vibrato with the inclusion of Stainless Steel saddles and a Cold Rolled Steel bridge block, all CNC machined from solid billet materials.

Bridge Block – The bridge block is now CNC machined from solid 1018 cold-rolled steel. This block is the primary contributor to the the DFS Vibrato System’s improved sustain and well as fostering greater harmonic content of both individual notes and chords. The material upgrade is capitalized on by modification to the string retention holes to allow more length of the string to be captured by the block, allowing more string energy to be harnessed and transferred into the body through the pivot posts and back to the strings through the saddles.

Bridge Saddles – The DFS Tremolo System utilizes a new bridge saddle that is based on Leo Fender’s original design. The string’s “contact point” on the saddle has been refined to improve intonation, reduce string wear, and enhance attack. CNC machined from 303 non-magnetic stainless steel billet material, these saddles enhance string energy transfer to the bridge block and back again to the strings.

The result of these upgrades is a more resonant instrument where all the design elements (neck wood, body wood, pickups and the DFS Vibrato System) work more harmoniously to bring even more life and vitality to the guitar.


  • PICKUPS 3 G&L Alnico V vintage style single coil pickups
  • BODY WOOD Alder
  • NECK WOOD Hard Rock Maple with Ebony fingerboard
  • NECK PROFILE #1 G&L Classic "C"
  • TUNING KEYS Schaller/G&L with White Pearl buttons
  • BRIDGE G&L DFS Vibrato System
  • CONTROLS 5 position pickup selector, PTB system
  • FINISH 30th Anniversary Pearl Frost with matching headstock
  • PICKGUARD 3-ply White Pearl
  • CASE G&G/G&L Deluxe Tolex Hardshell with Tailored Interior

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