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The SL-990PRO is a Master Controller keyboard that will allow you to control Midi Sound Modules and any Midi Accessories.

With the SL-990PRO, beginners can take their first steps in music and professionals can use it as a full-featured instrument for working on their own compositions.

SL-990PRO provides an 88 key keyboard with weighted hammer action keys for true piano feel. The patented weighted hammer action provides the pianist with true piano feel and eight velocity settings allow a wide range of control over the velocity response of the keys.


88 key-TP40GH keybed with Graduated Hammer action Keys for a true piano feel.

- Pitch and Modulation Wheels
- Eight velocity curve settings
- Two parallel Midi Outputs
- Sustain Pedal Jack
- 9VDC 500mA (Tip +) stabilized power adaptor
- Dimensions: in.52.3x 13.75x 4.75 (cm.132,8 x 34,92 x 12,07)
- Weight: lb. 44 (kg. 20)

The SL-990PRO carton contains:
- SL-990PRO
- 9VDC 500mA (Tip +) stabilized power adaptor
- PS100 Sustain pedal
- Instruction Manual

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