FATAR-STUDIOLOGIC500 - 750 euros | 700 - 1040 dollars

TP/100LR: Professional Digital Piano Keyboard.

Through the development of a new kinematic force-scheme, the research and development of techno-polymer materials, determines a major strength of the key and more precision in its response. The musician therefore obtains a better dynamic control of the action applied on the key and on the hammer (Hyper Dynamic System®). The new PCB design improves the signal contact, increasing the dynamic range and the new connection system is supplied (Fast Connection System®).
A special lock-in system (Support Block System®) allows to use the frame of the keybed as a support for mechanical parts, making easier the development of the final instrument.

Easy Control System

Play Mode

Editing is handled by the Easy Control System with a backlit
LCD display and touch-sensitive pads. Play Mode gives you
direct access to the most important parameters - perfect for
quick changes on stage.

Edit Mode

Edit Mode offers more detailed changes to all parameters
that can be saved in 65 patches (presets).

YouPlay Mode

What‘s really unique about the NUMA is the so called You-
Play Mode, which allows you to create your own velocity
curves and save them to 15 presets. These customized
curves are available to every patch then.

Due to the integrated USB connection, the NUMA can com-
municate with a computer. It offers two modes of operation:
With USB MIDI the NUMA is recognized as a „USB-Audio-
Device“ by the computer. More interesting is the USB Virtual
Com mode, enabling the computer to edit and store presets.
Even an update of the NUMA operating system is possible.


- 88 Hammer Action FATAR Keyboard with Grand Piano Feeling Touch
- Touch Sensitive control panel
- 2 assignable jack pedal Inputs
- 1 assignable control wheel
- 1 pitch control wheel
- 16 independent MIDI channels assignable to all controllers
- 4 Keyboard Zones for splits and layers
- 3 factory dynamic curves
- 15 memory user locations for velocity dynamic courves saving
- 64 memory locations for Patch saving
- assignable Aftertouch
- Panic buttons
- You Play feature is the best and fastest way to create a dynamic curve in Realtime
- MIDI Out
- USB class compliant - to connect with PC to load/save
- XP, Vista and MAC compatible, no drivers required
- powered via USB (cable not included) and / or power adapter (included)
- Size: 51,2" (L) x 12,0" (W) x 4,8" (H) - 130 x 30,5 x 12,0 cm
- Weight: 22 lbs - 10,0 kg

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