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When it was first unveiled in 1958 as part of the Modernist series, the Explorer was the most radical electric guitar the world had ever seen. At the time, it was way ahead of the game, and just too extreme for most players to handle. Come the heavy rock of the ’60s and metal of the ’70s, however, and the revitalized Explorer proved itself the most popular design on the market. Now Epiphone brings you a hot, new twist on this iconic model in the form of the Explorer GT. Featuring a slightly smaller and lighter-weight mahogany body (scaled down by about 85%), this new GT is the most comfortable Explorer yet, but its sound remains huge and totally in-your-face, thanks to a slightly longer 25.5” scale length that yields the fullest, firmest lows you’ve ever heard from an Explorer, and two supercharged U.S.A.-designed pickups that translate it all like never before.

A Rock Icon Gets Scaled Up, and Trimmed Down

Providing the sizzle and snarl that you can only get from humbuckers, a 650R (neck) and 700T (bridge) pickup both carry high-output magnets, and provide more highs with increased definition and no muddiness. Slightly over-wound, the hotter 700T bridge pickup is smooth but can give you all the wailing lead tones you need, while never losing its rich combination of enhanced lows and crystal-clear highs. Making the most of all this firepower is a totally new, yet deceptively simple control set up. Always an innovator, Epiphone has equipped the Explorer GT with a patent-applied-for combination Master Tone and Kill Switch. This control operates just like an ordinary tone pot, but when you push or “tap” it down, it acts as a KILL switch, muting all output signal for cool sonic effects (think Buckethead!), which are especially powerful when combined with distortion.

In addition, the Explorer GT includes Epiphone’s patent-applied-for LockTone™ Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece combination for re-stringing ease and increased sustain, and a rosewood fingerboard upgraded with pearloid parallelogram inlays and 22 medium-jumbo frets, all easily accessible thanks to the Explorer GT’s deep cutaway and contoured, recessed bolt-on neck. Add to that a SlimTaper™ neck profile that makes this guitar supremely fast and comfortable to play, and wrap it up in a thin “Worn Black” finish that feels vintage from the start – all at a price tag that any guitarist can afford – and you’ve got a NEW Epiphone classic made just for you! The fact that it’s covered by the company’s famed Limited Lifetime Warranty with 24/7/365 Customer Service is just icing on the cake!

Body and Finish

Like many classic Epiphone and Gibson tone machines, the Explorer GT is made from a solid slab of resonant mahogany. It is completed with a Worn Black finish to give it an aged look and feel, and to allow its full tone to ring true.

Neck, Fingerboard and Headstock

The Explorer GT carries a bolt-on maple neck with a 1960s-era SlimTaper™ profile, tilted Explorer “arrow” headstock, and rich brown rosewood fingerboard, all important components in its feel and tone. It is built to a longer 25.5” scale length for added resonance and firm, solid lows.

Pickups and Electronics

The Explorer GT carries a pair of high-output, U.S.A.-designed humbucking pickups and a no-nonsense control array of three-way switch and Master Volume and Tone controls, which nevertheless hides a secret weapon in a push-button “Kill Switch” built into the latter.


The Explorer GT is equipped with a hotrodded hardware set, including premium enclosed tuners and Epiphone’s rock-solid LockTone™ Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece. This bridge locks firmly to its mounting studs, keeping it in place when you change strings, and increasing resonance and sustain. All hardware is plated in black chrome to enhance the guitar’s Worn Black finish.



  • Top Mahogany
  • Adhesive Premium Titebond


  • Knobs Black Speed Knobs
  • Strap Buttons Black Chrome Plated Die-Cast Steel
  • Pickup Mounting Rings Black Plastic
  • Strings .010 - .046, Gibson Brite Wires


  • Type Locktone™ Tune-o-matic/Stopbar Bridge
  • Plating Black Chrome


  • Potentiometers 1 Volume Control, 1 Tone Control
  • Toggle Switch PAF Master Tone with Kill Switch
  • Output Jack Traditional 1/4"


  • Model Premium Tuners
  • Plating Black Chrome
  • Tuning Ratio 14:1


  • Species Hard Maple
  • Profile 3-pc. SlimTaper™
  • Truss Rod Standard Adjustable
  • Adhesive Premium Titebond
  • Joint Hand-fit in Body Cavity and Attached Using Traditional Metal Bolt-Plate
  • Adhesive Premium Titebond
  • Joint Angle Tolerance +/- .015"


  • Species Rosewood
  • Frets 22 Medium Jumbo
  • Radius 14"
  • Scale Length 24.75"
  • Inlays Acrylic Mother-of-Pearl Parallelogram


  • Material PVC
  • Width 1.68"

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