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The LMK plus series of Midi Masterkeyboards established in the musician scene during the last few years. All keyboards of the LMK-plus series are equipped with the same high quality 76 or 88 keys piano-type keyboard with patented real hammer mechanics (FATAR TP40GH).


  • high quality keyboard with real piano style action and patented hammer mechanics (Fatar TP40GH), 76 or 88 keys
  • black flightcase with handle and removable lid
  • Velocity resolution max. 127 steps resolution, dependig upon selected velocity curve
  • Adjustable velocity reduction factor for black keys
  • Monophonic aftertouch (channel aftertouch)
  • 2-line, 16-character LC display, adjustable backlight/contrast
  • operation via 24 buttons grouped in three rows of eight, 8 buttons with LED display
  • 2 wheels: one spring-loaded and one without spring, MIDI functions free assignable
  • 2 sliders (60 mm fader), MIDI functions free assignable
  • 1 rotary control (rotary potentiometer), MIDI function free assignable
  • 1 endless rotary encoder for data input
  • one Midi Out 1
  • one Midi Out 2
  • one USB connector, USB2.0, full speed (not high speed), the USB interface outputs the same data as the Midi output 1
  • 1 MIDI input that is treated by the LMK4+ as separate zone (e.g. for connecting/managing a second keyboard or bass pedal)
  • External 1/4" input-jack for double-footswitch (Sustain and Sustenuto function, e.g. our VFP2, see accessories)
  • 2 external 1/4" input-jacks for foot controller / sweep pedal (e.g. FP5, see accessories)
  • Wheels, sliders, aftertouch sensor, rotary potentiometer, pedals and footswitches can be assigned to any MIDI-Controller (including pitch bend and aftertouch)
  • additionally 16 fixed factory presets (cannot be modified by the user)
  • Sending of the following messages (in combination with keyboard keys)
    • Midi program change (4 sets with 32 each in combination with 32 keyboard keys)
    • Midi-program-bank, i.e. Midi control changes #0 and #32 (4 sets with 32 each in combination with 32 keyboard keys)
    • Start, Stop, Continue
    • All notes off on all Midi channels (panic key)
  • 8 user definable controllers (# 0...127 can be assigned)
  • Footswitch-activated preset change
  • Adjustable aftertouch effect if assigned to pitch (positive/negative)
  • Proportional volume control of different zones with one controller
  • preset change via incoming program change messages (disengageable)
  • MIDI dump of a single preset or for all presets
  • 32 velocity response curves
  • 8 aftertouch response curves
  • 128 memories (presets). The following parameters can be adjusted/defined by the user in each of the 128 presets:
    • 8 split zones with corresponding parameters (see below)
    • assignment of the controllers (wheels, sliders, rotary knob, pedals, footswitches, after touch etc.) to MIDI functions (pitch bend, modulation, breath controller, aftertouch, volume, panorama, portamento, sustain, soft pedal, sostenuto and 8 user-defined controllers)
    • name of the preset (up to 8 characters)
    • preset tempo (MIDI-clock)
    • sending of start, stop or continue when the preset is called-up
    • preset-pointer (number of the next for preset switching via footswitch)
  • Each preset contains 8 overlapping keyboard-keyboard zones. The following features can be defined/adjusted by the user in each of the 8 zone
    • upper / lower key
    • MIDI channel (1...16)
    • assigned MIDI output (1, 2, 1+2 or none)
    • for the new version with USB the USB interface transmits the same data as Midi Out 1
    • usage of the zone for internal keyboard or MIDI input
    • any transposition in semitone increments/ decrements
    • selection of one of 32 velocity response curves
    • selection of one of 8 after touch response curves
    • activity of each controller on/off (i.e. which of the before assigned controllers is active in the zone)
    • program change, bank number (MIDI ctr. # 0/32) and volume value sent when preset is called up (disengageable)
    • Piano mode on/off (i.e. sending of a note-on event at minimal key motion)
  • XLR connector for external power supply
  • Measures:
    • 88 keys: about 155 x 26.5 x 10.5 cm without ball corners
    • 88 keys: about 157 x 28 x 12 cm with ball corners
    • 76 keys: about 139 x 26.5 x 10.5 cm without ball corners
    • 76 keys: about 141 x 28 x 12 cm with ball corners
  • Weight:
    • 88 keys: about 24 kg
    • 76 keys: about 22 kg
  • external AC adapter for power supply (AC adapter for 230V AC and European type of mains connector is included, adapters for other voltages or other mains connector types has to be purchased by the customer in his country, 7...12V/500mA DC required), single XLR connector available instead of the 230V power supply
  • Remark for version 2 (with USB): power supply via USB is not possible because of the required supply current !

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