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- For any discussion about Jalmus, you can now use the Forum.

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You can also use the Jalmus SourceForge Project tools to submit a bug, a feature or support request.

When you report a bug or problem, please:

  1. Before you contact us, check the Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Tell us what version of Jalmus and which operating system you are using.
  3. Include details of what you are trying to do, and any error messages or other problems you experience.

Jalmus Web site

If you have questions or comments about Jalmus Web site e-mail us at:

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  • Hello, good night, I´m a student of Software engineering and for one homework, I need to analyzing the 4 P´s (People, Projects, Products and Process) of your software, can you tell me if you used a specified methodology for development your software (spiral, waterfall, RAD) and if you used a specified process?, thank you very much for your attention and for your help

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