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The So-Cal is powered by a DiMarzio Evolution humbucker in the neck position and a DiMarzio Tone Zone in the bridge. Just as Eddie established in the ’80s, all you need is a volume knob to control this beast. Grover Mini Rotomatics tuners and Floyd Rose FRTO2000 double-locking tremolo maintain rock solid tuning even after the most vigorous whammy-workout

DiMarzio Evolution humbucker

Designed for maximum impact and power—to get a tight, aggressive, loud sound. It incorporates a patented dual-resonance coil configuration that senses more harmonic overtones than ordinary humbuckers. Works in almost all solidbodies and most semi-hollowbodies as well. The Evolution makes the lowest notes jump out of the amp, and feedback occurs easily with a wide range of harmonic overtones.

DiMarzio Tone Zone humbucker

The vowel-like open wah-wah feel of the PAF Pro and FRED is combined with tremendous midrange and bass for a sound that really kicks hard. Because the lows, mids, and highs are all boosted, using a Tone Zone feels like cranking up an extra set of tone controls. It adds further dimension to the sound of your amp - that elusive edge that can make a good-sounding rig into a great-sounding one. Notes seem to get bigger after they’re picked, and burn hard as they sustain. It’s the right stuff to wake up your amp. Ballsy, aggressive tone has plenty of drive in all the right frequencies, abundant gain to push preamps and power amps, and sensitivity to pick attack that gets the most out of any style from metal to blues. Hot enough to qualify as a high-output pickup but with a wider dynamic range. Hard picking will produce a lot of power and softer picking will be much cleaner and quieter.


  • Pro Mod series
  • Alder body
  • So-Cal body shape
  • 1-piece quartersawn maple neck
  • 12"-16" compound radius
  • 22 jumbo frets
  • 25-1/2" scale
  • 1-11/16" nut width
  • Black hardware
  • Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners
  • Floyd Rose FRT-O2000 double-locking tremolo
  • DiMarzio Tone Zone bridge humbucker
  • DiMarzio Evolution neck humbucker
  • 3-position pickup selector toggle switch
  • Master volume control
  • Surface/flush-mounted output jack
  • 1-ply flat black pickguard
  • Molded rectangular SKB case

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