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For the global musical extravaganza: The diverse cosmos of sound produced by the CTK-6000 high-grade keyboard can be heard in the 670 AHL tones as well as 200 stirring rhythms – from rock to pop.

Musicians looking for first-class sound quality and a comprehensive range of functions should look no further than the CTK-6000. Besides unique sounds and rhythms, this high-grade keyboard provides a wide range of editing options and a whole host of features that make it fit for the stage. Newly created rhythms can be stored using the SD memory card slot or the internal user memory.

Touch-sensitive keyboard The touch-sensitive piano-look keys allow for expressive, nuanced playing.

670 AHL tones

The high-quality 670 AHL tones create clear and dynamic sounds, which unfold in all sounds and rhythms found in classical piano pieces, as well as many other genres.

200 rhythms

200 rhythms provide you with a colourful overview of the world of music.


The arpeggiator "splits" a chord played on the keyboard into a sequence of individual notes and automatically plays them back. Perfect for all dance and electro styles!

Tone editor

Create and store up to 100 of your own tones simply by changing any of the 800 integrated tones using parameters such as attack and release times, filter cut-off, vibrato, reverb send and chorus send.

Rhythm editor

Pop rhythms with a touch of jazz, jazz rhythms with a touch of pop: Combine and edit elements from different rhythms using the rhythm editor. This function allows you to change the bass phrase or the drum sound for example. Ten user spaces are available for individual rhythms edits.

48-note polyphony

Sound diversity at its best: The CTK-6000 can play up to 48 notes at the same time, turning interpretation of a wide range of musical pieces into a pure pleasure.

Registration memory

Quicker access: Tone, rhythm, tempo and other settings detail can be adjusted, stored and easily called up again by means of the registration function (32 storage locations, eight banks with four presets each). A wonderful stage feature.

Music preset

The "Music Preset Library" contains 305 "one touch settings“ based on popular rock and pop songs. The useful pre-settings for rhythm, tone, tempo, effects etc. makes time-consuming searches for the right settings a thing of the past. This assistant makes playing the "top 300" child’s play!

Scale tuning

The scale tuning function opens up a whole new world of oriental quarter-tones and tempering in classical/baroque music.

16-track sequencer (recorder)

The song sequencer allows you to quickly and easily record your own ideas in real time (capacity: 12,000 notes). This feature allows you to record 16 tracks plus an additional system track. The sequencer not only records the keyboard in real time, but also acts as a step sequencer, with which you can enter the duration and pitch of the notes manually. Sounds can also be changed on a note-by-note basis.

Top-quality DSP effects

Everything you need: 100 DSP effects, ten reverb effects and five chorus effects all integrated to supplement the sound range of your keyboard. You can also create and store up to 100 additional DSP variations.

32-channel mixer

The internal mixing desk comprises 16 tracks for instruments including an automatic accompaniment feature and 16 tracks for the sequencer. Volume, panorama position, reverb send and various other parameters can be adjusted individually for each channel, and sounds from external sources can be integrated too.

Audio input

Play or sing along – a solution for the future: connect a CD or MP3 player to the Audio input of your WK-500. Your favourite tunes are played via the loudspeakers of the keyboard in "half playback" – you can play along for the keyboard part. A good alternative to MIDI playback, particularly if you don’t want to edit the song.


Fit for the stage: The line-out enables you to connect your high grade keyboard with stage equipment such as loud speakers and mixers or your stereo system at home.

SD memory cards

Extend the functionality of the instrument simply by using conventional SD or SDHC memory cards of up to 32 GB. It’s easy to store your ideas from the song sequencer, pattern sequencer, your sound creations, MIDI recordings or your audio recordings (WK-7500, CTK-7000) for playback at a later stage.

Pitch bend wheel

Playing aids such as the pitch bend wheel allow you to infinitely adjust the pitch of the notes being played, meaning playing techniques associated with instruments such as the guitar or saxophone can be authentically reproduced.

USB port

Plug & play USB interface for easy data exchange (MIDI communication) between the instrument and a computer.

LC Display

Helping you keep track: the convenient LC display enables you to view important information at a glance.

Two-way speaker system

The two-way bass reflex system with four loudspeakers creates a full, harmonious sound across the entire tone and frequency range.



  • Keyboard
    • 61 standard-size keys
    • Touch Response: 2 types, Off
  • Maximum Polyphony
    • 48 notes (24 for certain tones)
  • Tones
    • Built-in Tones: 670
    • User Tones: Up to 10 (Tone Editor)
    • Functions: Layer, Split
  • Reverb 1 to 10, Off
  • Chorus 1 to 5, Off
  • DSP
    • Preset DSP: 100
    • User DSP: Up to 100
  • Metronome
    • Beats per Measure: 0, 2 to 6
    • Tempo Range: 30 to 255
  • Auto Accompaniment
    • Built-in Rhythms: 200
    • User Rhythms: Up to 10 (Rhythm Editor)
  • Demo Songs 5 songs
  • Registration 32 (4 setups × 8 banks)
  • Song Sequencer
    • Real-time recording, playback
    • Keyboard Play: 5 songs, 17 tracks
    • Memory Capacity: Approximately 12,000 notes (total for 5 songs)
  • Mixer
    • 32 parts (A01-A16/B01-B16)
    • Master parameters, DSP parameters, Part parameters
  • Other Functions
    • Transpose: ±1 octaves (–12 to +12 semitones)
    • Octave Shift: UPPER 1/UPPER 2/LOWER ±2 octaves
    • Tuning: A4 = 415.5 - 440.0 - 465.9Hz
    • Scale Tuning: Scale Fine Tune, Preset Scales
    • Music Preset: 305 built-in, plus 50 user presets
    • One Touch Preset: 200
    • Auto Harmonize: 12 types
    • Arpeggiator: 150 types
  • MIDI 16 multi-timbre received, GM Level 1 standard
  • Pitch Bend Wheel : Pitch Bend Range: 0 to 12 semitones
  • Memory Cards
    • Supported Memory Cards: SD or SDHC memory cards, 32GB or less
    • Functions: SMF playback, file storage, file recall, file delete, card format
  • Inputs/Outputs
    • USB port: TYPE B
    • Sustain/Assignable jack: Standard jack (sustain, sostenuto, soft, start/stop)
    • Phones jack: Stereo standard jack
    • Line Out R, L/MONO jacks: Standard jack x 2
    • Output Impedance: 2.3kΩ, Output Voltage: 1.5V (RMS) MAX Audio In jack: Stereo mini jack
    • Input Impedance: 9kΩ, Input Sensitivity: 200mV
  • Power Jack 12V DC
  • Power Supply
    • 2-way
    • Batteries: 6 D-size zinc-carbon batteries or alkaline batteries
    • Battery Life: Approximately 4 hours continuous operation on alkaline batteries
    • AC Adaptor: AD-A12150LW
    • Auto Power Off: Approximately 6 minutes after last key operation (during battery use), approximately 4 hours after last key operation (during AC adaptor use)
  • Speakers 12cm × 2 + 3cm × 2 (Output: 6.0W + 6.0W)
  • Power Consumption 12V = 18W
  • Dimensions 94.5 × 37.8 × 13.2 cm (37 1/4 × 14 7/8 × 5 3/16 inch)
  • Weight Approximately 5.8kg (12.8 lbs) (without batteries)

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2 reviews

  • CASIO CTK 6000
    24 October 2011 at 12:08 , by martin

    This keyboard is really awesome..especially the organ tones.. the church organ sounds tooo realistic…. even rhythms are great. the only drawback in rhythms is that the waltz (3/4th rhythm) rhythms aren’nt that good. very few options of waltz rhythms are available…otherwise for the money…this keyboard is truly a very big deal. i would truly suggest you to go for it..

  • CASIO CTK 6000
    30 April 2011 at 17:08 , by RedEyeC

    Let me begin by saying I’ve played Rolands, Korgs, and Yamahas since the mid 80s. Never thought of touching a Casio until a friend said to give it try - I always looked at Casio as the cheap dollar wrist watches and calculators we used to buy years ago. I wanted a practice board at home so I would slow down the wear and tear on my Fantom X and Motif I now use at different gigs.

    I unboxed this keyboard this morning and hooked it up - I was absolutely floored at the piano patches I started playing right away! After some editing these piano patches are (I’m almost embarrassed to say) just as pronounced and refined as my Motif! A couple negatives: It only accepts MIDI files from the smart card, so this function is really useless; and the sequencer is realtime, not step. But for the amount paid and the quality of sounds, this keyboard is quite a bargain.

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