BEHRINGER100 - 250 euros | 130 - 330 dollars

Want to take your riffs directly into the digital realm? The BEHRINGER CENTARI iAXE624 USB-Guitar has a built-in USB output. Just plug into your PC, fire up the included software, and get ready to rock.

Classic Meets Cutting-Edge

The iAXE624 has all the features you would want in an electric guitar: a 22-fret maple neck, sealed chrome machine heads, three single-coil pickups, 5-pickup selector, vintage vibrato bridge and1/4" output for use with conventional guitar amps. Near the rear strap button, you’ll find the USB output that gives you instant connectivity to your PC. There is also a stereo 1/4" headphone output so you can monitor your playing and recording late at night without disturbing the neighbors.

Rock Hard with Software

The iAXE624 comes packaged with Native Instruments’ "Guitar Combos" software that models guitar amps and stomp boxes. Take your pick of the “PLEXI COMBO", “TWANG COMBO” or “AC BOX COMBO” for stunningly real amplifier tones. Sample them all, then activate the full version of the “TWANG COMBO" rig. Native Instruments extends special offers to all registered Guitar Combos users, making it more affordable than ever to take advantage of their award-winning GUITAR RIG software packages.

You also get energyXT2.5 Compact BEHRINGER Edition, an easy-to-use multitracking software. This amazing DAW (digital audio workstation) makes it easy to manipulate your audio and MIDI files, turning song ideas into stunning CD or web-ready recordings. energyXT includes its own multi-FX processor, built-in synthesizers and a drum machine, both of which can be accessed directly via an external controller (such as our UMA25S or UMX25) or programmed in step-write mode.

Boot Up, Plug In, Rock Out

Bring the best of the past together with the best of the present with the iAXE624. This quality electric guitar is waiting to help you turn your PC into the ultimate creative tool. Check it out at your nearest BEHRINGER dealer.


  • Plug this amazing USB-guitar straight into your computer and turn your PC or Mac computer into a guitar amp and recording system without the need for any other hardware
  • You get a top-notch electric guitar featuring a 22-fret maple neck, solid body, sealed chrome machine heads, 3 single-coil pickups, 5-way switching and vintage vibrato bridge. The guitar can also be used with any traditional guitar amplifier
  • Enjoy immediate access to Guitar Combos from Native Instruments—the leading authentic guitar amp and stomp box modeling software—now including VST, AU and RTAS plugin versions
  • Create Music Now! Incredibly powerful energyXT2 Compact music production software and Audacity editing software—both with full portability on all PC, Mac or Linux computers
  • Works directly with your PC or Mac computer—ultra-low latency ASIO driver for PC audio optimization included
  • All these accessories are included: CD, USB cable, adjustable guitar strap and 3 picks
  • Stereo Headphone output lets you jam with your computer and can also be used for monitoring with active monitor speakers
  • Guitar Combos with variable-speed file playback function for MP3, WAV, AIFF audio files—perfect for easy learning and practicing—tuner and metronome function
  • Powered via USB—no additional power supply required
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

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  • If you have a computer and are
    yet to sample the delights of
    plugging in your guitar, the
    UCG102 is probably the most
    cost-effective way to get started.
    For less that £40 you will be
    getting a very effective phrase
    training and practice facility with
    a decent-sounding virtual amp –
    no complaints at that price.

    • Clavier USB léger et à un très bon prix. Il est parfaitement reconnu sous Linux et plutôt bien conçu mais son clavier est très difficile à maitriser. On est très loin du toucher piano, le contrôle de la vélocité est vraiment difficile.

      [+] pas cher et léger

      [-] toucher semi-lesté très difficile à maitriser - à déconseiller aux pianistes de formation

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