Stratocaster Models

Under which name we label all guitars that have the truly legendary shape of a Fender Stratocaster.
First let’s check out the classic version (3 single coils, ash or alder body). You can mostly choose between a sheer maple neck (blond) and one with a rosewood fret board (dark). There is probably no other guitar that fits the human body better (beer belly shaped) and that is more versatile apart from the newer Superstrat, which we will discuss later on.

The bridge pickup gives you a downright biting sound and the neck pickup provides a wonderful bluesy sound (treble can be reduced by using tone control). The intermediate positions (neck and middle, bridge and middle) provide rippling, almost acoustic clean sounds that only the Stratocaster can produce.

Furthermore there is the cool vibrato bar that you can do really funny things with. Compared to Gibson-type guitars, you can say that the typical Fender (Strat and Tele) sounds more percussive and slappy, while Gibsons seem to hum a little more and make life easier for the guitarist.

Solar Guitars S1.6BLB

Solar S1.7BLB; 7-String ST-Style Electric Guitar; Evertune Constant-Tension Bridge, a fully mechanical system that keeps the guitar in tune; Luminlay "Glow in the Dark" Side Dots; Body: Mahogany;...
1,039 £ 1,099 £ - item no. 487966

Solar Guitars A1.6FB

Solar A1.6FB; ST-Style Electric Guitar; Evertune Constant-Tension Bridge, a fully mechanical system that keeps the guitar in tune; Luminlay "Glow in the Dark" Side Dots; Body: Alder; Top: Flame Maple...
935 £ 1,019 £ - item no. 487863

Ibanez AZ2402-SFG

Electric guitar Body: Alder, Bolted neck: Maple, S-Tech Wood fretboard: Roasted maple, Black Dot fretboard inlays, Neck profile: Oval C, 24 Jumbo stainless steel frets, Scale: 648 mm (25.50"),...
1,555 £ 1,666 £ - item no. 469268

Solar Guitars A1.6 D LTD NA Aged/Dist

Solar Guitars A1.6 D LTD Natural Aged/Distressed, electric guitar, alder body, maple neck, c-profile, ebony (diospyros celebica) fretboard, graphite nut, nut width 43 mm, 24 super stainless steel...
999 £ 1,022 £ - item no. 476661

Fender 50s Strat ABMM Relic

Electric Guitar NAMM 2019 Custom Shop model, Light alder body, Rift sawn maple neck, Maple fretboard, Neck profile: 10/56 "V", Fretboard radius: 184 - 241 mm, 21x Dunlop 6105 frets,...
2,799 £ 2,869 £ - item no. 458000

Solar Guitars A1.6 Artist LTD RD

Electric guitar Body: Swamp ash, Neck: Maple, Fretboard: Ebony, Neck profile: C, 24 Super jumbo stainless steel frets, Nut width: 43 mm, Scale: 648 mm, Graphite nut, Pickups: 2 Seymour Duncan Solar...
999 £ 1,022 £ - item no. 478512

Ibanez RGA8420-BTF j.custom

Electric Guitar Body: African mahogany, Top: AAA Quilted maple, 5-Piece Super Wizard neck: Maple/Walnut, Fretboard: Ebony with flamed maple binding, Fretboard inlays: Tree of Life, "Velvet...
2,499 £ 2,555 £ - item no. 429785

PRS Hollowbody II FW

PRS Hollowbody II FW Faded Whale Blue, hollowbody electric guitar, mahogany sides (swietenia macrophylla-honduras.), flamed top and back, mahogany neck (swietenia macrophylla-honduras), rosewood...
3,999 £ 4,090 £ - item no. 476605

Ibanez RG8570MW-NT j.custom

Electric Guitar Body: African mahogany, Top: Myrtle, 5-Piece Super Wizard neck: Maple/walnut, Fretboard: Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia), with flamed maple binding, Tree of Life fretboard inlays,...
2,999 £ 3,069 £ - item no. 429790

Ibanez RG8570Z-CRA j.custom

Electric Guitar 2-Piece body: Mahogany, Top: AAAAA Quilted maple, 5-Piece Super Wizard neck: Maple/walnut, Fretboard: Ebony, Tree of Life fretboard inlays, Velvet Touch finish on the back of the...
2,499 £ 2,555 £ - item no. 429779

Fender 61 Strat ACS Sparkle Relic

Fender 1961 Strat Aged Chartreuse Sparkle Relic NAMM 2020, custom shop, e-guitar, alder body, quartersawn roasted maple neck, slab rosewood fretboard (dalbergia latifolia), 60s oval "C" neckshape,...
3,699 £ 3,777 £ - item no. 486064

Music Man Sting Ray Atomic Orange BFR

Electric guitar Ball Family Reserve model, Mahogany body, Roasted maple neck, Ebony fretboard, Fretboard binding, Block fretboard inlays, Fretboard radius: 254 mm, 22 Stainless steel frets, Scale:...
2,499 £ 2,555 £ - item no. 479495

Ibanez RGR8527FX-BRE

7-String electric guitar J. Custom Series, Body: Mahogany, Top: AAA Maple, Bolted 5-piece neck: Maple/wenge, Fretboard: Makassar Ebony, "Tree of Life" fretboard inlays, "Reverse"...
2,499 £ 2,555 £ - item no. 470067

Solar Guitars A1.6 Artist LTD BK

Electric Guitar Swamp ash body, Maple neck, C-profile, Ebony (diospyros celebica) fretboard, Graphite nut, Nut width: 43 mm, 24 Super stainless steel jumbo frets, Scale 648 mm, 2 Seymour Duncan...
999 £ 1,022 £ - item no. 478511

LSL Saticoy CB Medium Aged

LSL Saticoy CB Cobalt Blue Medium Aged, electric guitar, "old growth" alder body, "old growth" maple neck (gloss), maple fretboard, ´56 recreation "V" neck shape, 9,5" fretboard radius, 21x 6105...
2,799 £ 2,869 £ - item no. 470028



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