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ujam Virtual Bassist Bundle 2

ujam Virtual Bassist Bundle 2 (ESD); virtual basses; three Virtual Bassist suitable for a lot of different music styles; contains Mellow 2, Royal 2 and Rowdy 2; a total of 180 styles and 4140...
231 £ 238 £ - item no. 490262

ujam Virtual Bassist Royal 2

ujam Virtual Bassist Royal 2 (ESD); virtual bass guitar; universal to use high-end bass guitar suitable for all kind of music styles like Pop, Rock, Indie, Songwriter and many more; 60 styles and...
111 £ 114 £ - item no. 490265

ujam Virtual Bassist Mellow 2

ujam Virtual Bassist Mellow 2 (ESD); virtual acoustic bass; acoustic bass that provides body, texture and a big bottom end suitable for singer-songwriter, Jazz, RnB, Hip-hop styles and many more; 60...
111 £ 114 £ - item no. 490263

ujam Virtual Bassist Rowdy 2

ujam Virtual Bassist Rowdy 2 (ESD); virtual bass guitar; aggressive and angry played bass guitar suitable for harder music styles like Punk, Grunge, Metal and many more; 60 styles and 1380 phrases;...
111 £ 114 £ - item no. 490264

Steinberg Groove Agent 5

Virtual Drums and Percussion Instruments For different genres such as Rock and Pop, Jazz and Funk or Trap and EDM, Drum kit with more than 37,000 samples, Pattern editor, 32 Plugin outputs, 32...
75 £ 144 £ - item no. 451262

Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog Session

Virtual-Analogue Software Synthesiser Standalone or plug-in operation, Uncomplicated operation, 144 Presets, Richard and Sean Devine Signature Sounds, MIDI Clock, Tap and Host tempo synchronisation...
39 £ 40 £ - item no. 402186

IK Multimedia Total Studio 2 MAX

Plug-in Bundle (box) Large effect and instrument library Plug-ins included: Ampeg SVX 2, AmpliTube 4 MAX, Fender Collection 2, Fulltone Collection, Lurssen Mastering Console, Miroslav...
399 £ 409 £ - item no. 435564

AIR Music Technology DB-33

Virtual Tonewheel Organ (Download) Careful simulation of the most famous electric organ ever, Five tone wheel variants to choose from, Separately usable, realistic Rotary Speaker Simulation,...
11.90 £ 12.20 £ - item no. 416503

Nektar Bolt

Virtual Synthesiser Novel harmonics synthesiser with its own sound character and up to 16-voice polyphony, 2 Oscillators each with sub oscillators and noise generator, Each oscillator with...
80 £ 82 £ - item no. 458023

AIR Music Technology Xpand!2

Virtual Multitmbral Synthesiser (Download) Four parts with assignable MIDI channels, play parameters, controllers, arpeggiators, etc., Flexible tone generation with up to four stereo instruments and...
11.90 £ 12.20 £ - item no. 416510

Softube Modular

Virtual Modular Synthesiser (Download) Circuit emulations faithful to the original developed in close cooperation with Doepfer, Includes authorised emulations of well-known Eurorack brands, Can be...
49 £ 50 £ - item no. 395575

Ample Sound Ample Metal Hellrazer

Ample Sound Ample Metal Hellrazer (ESD); guitar plugin; virtual electrical guitar based on samples of a nine string Schecter Hellraiser; integrated tab player that can play all popular formats of...
71 £ 95 £ - item no. 486631

ujam Beatmaker 2 VOID

ujam Beatmaker 2 VOID (ESD); virtual instrument; especially suitable for Drum & Bass; 20 styles and 460 patterns with intro, verse, chorus, fill and ending; effect and mixing section; 10 drum kits...
39 £ 55 £ - item no. 486460

Synapse Audio Hydra

Virtual Synthesiser (Download) Flexible and clear subtractive synthesiser with special oscillator routing, Three oscillators, Two of them with 39 waveforms, Can be linked with three routings,...
44 £ 45 £ - item no. 396306

Umlaut Audio Arps

Virtual Percussive Synthesizer (Download) Sample-based percussion instrument, 4 Independent sampler layers: Kicks, Mids, Ticks and Percussion, Fully featured arpeggiator with various modes, steps,...
39 £ 40 £ - item no. 404329


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