A master keyboard or controller keyboard is a keyboard which itself produces no sound, but sends MIDI note data electronically to an external sound module, other keyboards, or even a computer.

The main advantages of these keyboards are their low weight and price. It’s the ideal keyboard for music education software or software synthesizer.

Miditech i2-mini 32

Compact USB Masterkeyboard 32 Velocity-sensitive mini keys, Octave Buttons, Transpose Buttons, Volume slider, Pitch bend and modulation wheel, Sustain pedal connection, USB bus-powered, No...
35 £ 36 £ - item no. 356705

M-Audio Keystation 88 MkII

Master Keyboard 88 Velocity-sensitive keys, Transport button for DAW control, Modulation wheel, Volume knob/control, Pitch wheel, Octave key, MIDI connection via USB and MIDI socket, Supports Apple...
125 £ 129 £ - item no. 341836

Arturia KeyLab MkII 61 Black

USB MIDI Keyboard 61 Velocity sensitive keys with aftertouch, 16 Colour illuminated performance pads, 9 Faders, 9 Rotating control knob, LC-Display, Category function, Pitch and Modulation wheel,...
399 £ 409 £ - item no. 443124

Miditech i2-61 Black Edition

USB master keyboard 61 Velocity sensitive full-size buttons with octave switching, Pitch Bend + Modulation wheel, LED display, USB connector, 2x MIDI out, Connection for optional sustain pedal, Bus...
95 £ 97 £ - item no. 248870

Korg microKEY 25

USB Keyboard 25 Mini keys with natural touch, Arpeggiator, Pitch-Bend and Modulations joystick, Octave shift button, USB Bus powered, Dimensions: (W x D x H): 395 x 131 x 53 mm, Weight: 0.65 kg, For...
49 £ 50 £ - item no. 280312

Miditech Midistart Music 25

USB Master Keyboard 25 Large keys, With velocity, Pitch-Bend and Modulations joystick, Octave shift button, MIDI output, USB port, Dimensions (W x H x D): 380 x 80 x 240 mm, Weight: 2.3 kg,...
47 £ 48 £ - item no. 230804

Roli Songmaker Kit Studio Edition

Roli Songmaker Kit Studio Edition; Production Bundle containing three Roli Blocks: Seaboard Block with 24 Keywaves, illuminated playing surface and drumpad Lightpad Block M and Live Block for...
549 £ 566 £ - item no. 478769

Alesis Q25

Master Keyboard Controller With 25 Keys, USB/MIDI Keyboard controller with 25 velocity sensitive keys, to control almost any MIDI Hardware and Software, USB/MIDI and traditional MIDI ports to...
47 £ 48 £ - item no. 256025

Akai MPK mini Mk2

Compact USB/MIDI Pad and Keyboard Controller 25 Synth-Action keys, 4-Way joystick for dynamic pitch/modulation adjustment, 8 MPC pads with note repeat, Arpeggiator, 8 Assignable control pods for...
73 £ 75 £ - item no. 338278

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2

Controller Keyboard NI Komplete tuned, Fully-weighted Fatar keyboard with 88-key hammer action, Pitch and mod wheels plus touch strip, Pre-configured mapping for all KOMPLETE instruments and...
799 £ 818 £ - item no. 447951

Alesis VI49

USB MIDI Controller Keyboard 49 Velocity sensitive piano keys, Semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch, Pitch bender- & modulation wheel, 16 Pads with multicolour LED illumination, 12 Rotary...
149 £ 155 £ - item no. 350996

Swissonic EasyKey 25

MIDI Keyboard 25 Full size velocity keys, Aluminum housing with side panels made of plastic, Pitch Bend and Modulation wheel, LED display, 1 Slider for volume control, 1 Programmable encoder, Octave...
49 £ 50 £ - item no. 337438

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A25

Compact Controller Keyboard Newly developed semi-weighted keyboard with 25 keys, OLED display, 8 Touch-sensitive dials, Pitch and Mod Wheels, 4D Push encoders, Smart play, Machine integration,...
115 £ 118 £ - item no. 447973

Haken Audio ContinuuMini

Multidimensional Controller Polyphonic gliding sounds dynamically playable by pressure and in horizontal position, The fingerboard simultaneously processes data on the X, Y and Z axes for one to a...
769 £ 785 £ - item no. 470542

Alesis Vortex Wireless 2 Red

Keytar Controller USB / MIDI keytar controller with accelerometer, Portable performance keyboard with shoulder strap, 37 Velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch, Eight velocity-sensitive RGB...
179 £ 185 £ - item no. 449110


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