Boehm’s original design was in fact a closed-hole instrument, but the players of the day, who were accustomed to playing flutes which were little more than wooden tubes with holes drilled in them, felt uncomfortable with the new design and wanted the familiarity of feeling holes under their fingers.

There are several benefits to playing open-holed flutes, especially the ability they give a player to feel the airstream vibrating under their fingers, confirming to them that they’re producing a full and resonant sound. The holes also ensure that the player’s fingers are curved and positioned correctly over the corresponding keys, thereby eliminating poor technique.

Pearl Flutes PF-665 E Quantz Flute

Flute Quantz series, Successor model of PF 661 E, Full silver headjoint, Nickel-plated silver body, foot piece and keys, French pointed arms, Closed keys, Offset G, E mechanism, Case and accessories...
839 € 899 € - item no. 142839

Yamaha YFL-212 Set

Bundle offer comprising Yamaha YFL-212 Flute Flute, Student model, Closed keys, Pointed Arms, Advanced G, E-Mechanics, Body, head, foot and keys made of nickel silver, New form of folding cover,...
598 € 629 € - item no. 388561



The Barrington 229SP Student Flutes are crafted under extreme care and represent one of our best values for the student (...)


Durable design and an excellent tone make this the perfect entry level flute.


Durable design and an excellent tone make this the perfect entry level flute with E mechanism.


Open hole keys give this standard model flute a professional look and feel.