Clarinets comprise a family of instruments of differing sizes and pitches. The clarinet family is the largest such woodwind family, with more than a dozen types, ranging from the BB♭ contrabass to the A♭ soprano.

The Boehm or French system is used everywhere in the world except Germany and Austria. These countries still use a direct descendant of the Mueller clarinet known as the Öhler system clarinet.

Yamaha 54mm Barrel for Clarinet 457

Barrel for Yamaha Clarinets For instruments with German system, 54 mm, Grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon)
49 £ 50 £ - item no. 103272

Schreiber Barrel 52mm

Barrel for Clarinet For D-26 and D-27 clarinet, 52 mm, Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon)
64 £ 66 £ - item no. 122753

Buffet Crampon Tosca A-Clarinet 19/5

A-Clarinet With Eb lever, Low-F improvement, Boehm system, Tosca series, Completely made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), Silver-plated key system, Silver-plated bell ring, 19 Keys and 5...
4,699 £ 4,799 £ - item no. 188367

Schreiber Barrel 54mm

Barrel for Clarinet Size: 54 mm, Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon)
64 £ 66 £ - item no. 187412

Selmer Récital Eb-Clarinet 18/5

Eb Clarinet Boehm system, Eb lifter, Unstained grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), A = 442 Hz, Silver-plated mechanics, 18 Flaps and 5 rings, 2 Pears, Includes C85 120 mouthpiece, accessories...
4,899 £ 4,999 £ - item no. 176604

Schreiber D-45 Virtuoso Bb- Clarinet

Virtuoso Bb Clarinet German system, Barrel, bell and body have been made from carefully selected and dried blackwood/grenadilla with a natural outer surface look, 22 Keys, 6 Rings, Tone hole inserts...
1,469 £ 1,499 £ - item no. 474784

Selmer Privilege Bb- Clarinet, black

Bb Clarinet Bb tuning, Symphonic orchestra clarinet, With Eb-lifter, Completely black chromed mechanics, Lower flap plate with engraving, Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), 2 Barrels,...
4,299 £ 4,390 £ - item no. 460413

Startone SCL- 25 Bb- Clarinet

Bb Clarinet Boehm system, 17 Keys, 5 Rings, Body made of ABS plastic, High-gloss silver-plated nickel silver key system, Included: Mouthpiece with silver-plated metal ligature, pull-through cloth,...
105 £ 109 £ - item no. 352961

Yamaha YCL-631 II Alto Clarinet

Alto Clarinet in Eb Professional series, Boehm system, Two-piece grenadilla wood body (Dalbergia melanoxylon), 19 Keys, 7 Covered tone holes, Silver-plated mechanism and bell ring, Ligature and cap...
4,199 £ 4,399 £ - item no. 184142

Schreiber D-13 Clarinet

Bb Clarinet Especially for smaller hands, 20 Flaps, 6 Rings, 4 Trills, F Jack, B Flap, Closer built, silver-plated mechanism, Tuning: 443/445 Hz, Made from carefully selected grenadilla...
1,090 € 1,179 € - item no. 474777

Schreiber D-61 Prestige Bb- Clarinet

Bb ClarinetWith its warm, round and full sound, the Schreiber D61 Prestige clarinet meets the highest demands of professional musicians. Excellent sound and playing characteristics allow the soloist...
3,899 £ 3,999 £ - item no. 474787


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