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The companion of the popular 800 series. the 900 series saxophones offer the advanced player the sound and flexibilty needed to perform at the highest levels.

Ergonomic Design

Designed for comfort, the 900 series offers an easy, intuitive response for maximized performance.

Professional Aesthetics

A Pro-style badge and inlayed octave key help these horns stand out in a crowd.


  • One piece hammered neck & engraved octave key
  • Brass body with gold lacquer finish
  • Adjustable F# keys and high C key
  • Power forged brass keys
  • Adjustable metal thumb rest
  • Comfort high auxiliary F arm lever
  • Pearl shell inlay keys
  • Needle steel springs
  • Waterproof pad with metal tone boosters
  • Rigid key guard post
  • Refined logo engraving
  • Available in the 989GL-RB with rose brass neck, body and bell
  • Both deluxe wood frame case and backpack case

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