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The Harley Benton HBP 120 is a great entry level bass for less than 100 euros in the traditional P-style. : bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and a split Precision pickup that deliver warm and straightforward rock sound.

Made in China by OEM manufacturer Saein which produces guitars for Ibanez, Epiphone and Peavey. The prices for the Harley Benton instruments are generally cheap, however the Harley Benton total quality management seems to exceed the expected standards of string instruments manufactured in China and even with various lines of production to that approaching German standards.


  • Precision Bass,
  • bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard,
  • 1x PB-1 pick-up,
  • 1x volume and 1x tone control,
  • chrome hardware,
  • Long thomann Scale,
  • Colour: Black.

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